Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Genting!

So now I understand why everyone pass by me with a shocked face and shouts everywhere. Found out myself that I really looks like a ghost on the night of Halloween, Genting Theme Park in this picture. HAHAHAHHAHHA My blonde hair........ and my whole black look......... LOL I didn't mean to scare you guys...Sorry, I just look the way I am. =.=

So, this is the Halloween event that was held at Genting Theme Park. Everything had been decorated in a horrifying way. I was so happy and surprised when my babe ask whether I wanted to go because it has been awhile since I step into the chilling air of Genting already and he is scared of horror stuff... so, YEAH! HAHA 

Initially I was dress up like this, I thought of I want to be a little ghost-ish. 

End up, it's gonna be so cold out there, so I put on my cute elmo sweater. hehe
Looks still ghostly. LOL

My make up of the night, like a real scary human. HAHA

and the FIERCE babe. o.0

The crowded theme park. 

HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA I don't know why, but I think this is funny. LOL
The ghost acted like she don't want to take picture with the guy. HAHAHHAHA Mean girl.

The cut legs that looks like big fat pig legs. ('@')

The zombie driver.

The very cold 孟婆婆 (meng popo) . 

This was the queue that wasted our time for like an hour and a half to get into the horror hospital.
That's the place I shocks people all the time when they pass by me in the queue. LOL and they were like complaining to their friends that I am scary. HAHA OK I heard it all.......................

So this stupid ghost that wearing slipper is my friend HAHAHHA
He came to me and tell me "I AM KOK KIAT". Such friendly ghost LOL

If you was frighten by him and you want to know him, here is his facebook. LOL
Just kidding. Don't try to revenge on him, he is a cute guy. O.0

Ah bi and me =)

ah bi and me too. =)

Some serious accident that happened in genting theme park. LOL

The very vintage dressing guy that waiting for his girlfriend to pee. HAHHAHAHA
Don't you think he looks like some old time Hong Kong actors dressing? such as Aaron Kwok LOL

Ambulance car. Bonk Bonk! 

Chinese Zombie

Looks totally like ghost huh? 

Babe that die together with me -.-

The crowdssssssss ^.*

The vintage dressing guy again with that fallen hair after the swing. HAHAHHAHAHHA
I purposely edit this picture into more vintage feel. It looks great huh? 

Like this hairstyle. HAHHAHAHHAHA

The most happy moment is when I was on this swing ride. I really love it a lot! I ride it for like 3 times... Didn't expect Genting Theme Park's rides was all open at night. Feel so great to take so many rides in such low price which is only RM40 for this Halloween. ^^

A random video record when I swinging in the sky. See it or not, you like LOL 

I'm lucky because I never left so early. It was so packed to even take a picture with all this decorated scene. Then I get to play with all this horror scenes =)

Halloween presents! Do you want some?? 

The after party of all the ghost.It was the last night.

Met Casandra Chuah here. Saw a lot of people taking picture with her. I guess mayb you need to know this pretty scary nurse? haha check it out here.

BYE BYE crowded Halloween Genting Theme Park!!

End with Allie and Gono pose. HAHAHA
ok, I need sleep! goodnight people!
Happy Halloween once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!