Friday, 23 May 2014

dot dot dot

ahhh.. headache... too much work to do. I have no time to blog and I miss you all! I am currently working on my collection to showcase during KL Fashion Week. Stressful yet excited. Hope you all are as excited as me! HAHA Thank god I found some time to blog on a Friday night, people party, I blog. Lol Just a short update to my blog tonight so you guys know that I am still alive ><

Showing off what I wore the other day for "fun". bare my arrogant face lol Was hiding in the cave so long and I can't stand seeing myself dressing like an aunty everyday for work. and I actually spent some time to draw my eyeliner again after yearssss cause I really don't have time! If you are wondering what my collection will be, well then you can see some hints from my outfits. You know my style more well than me I guess. Sometime I'm too confused what myself like ><

My friends actually found out that I like quirky and loud items. Same goes with this outfits. All white jumpsuit pairing with polka dots. Polka dots is my recent love, I just cant get over them now. They are so cute!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 The polka dot trend is back! Showing a little skin at my waist to create some gaping illusion so that I don't looks short with fully covered white garment.

When you have too much thing happening on your body, just tie a ponytail to makes the look effortless.
Love how this net jacket giving me a little of sexiness at my back haha
Ada cantik!

Polka dot polka dot polka dot.
I just realize I have plenty of polka dot items in my room. Hearts Them!

Love this art piece behind me. Is like I just arrived to Venice. haha I WISH! T.T

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I definitely need a holiday after all my stressful works!!

This is how you should take floating pose picture. Keep jumping like a stupid lol

Polka dot Polo T - China / jumpsuit & jacket - @fashion_bloggerrr / shoes - TUK / umbrella - Daiso

Ok, stupid need to sleep.