Monday, 15 December 2014

JOE CHIA 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Joe Chia, always the outstanding designer ever since he was in the fashion world. All these years, people have been talking about him and I'm always heard people said that he is very hardworking. No doubt, the 2nd anniversary party of Joe Chia was a successful night. He definitely deserved it. I can see the crowd are all very enjoyable and most importantly, it was full house. That's why Joe Chia was awarded Asia most influential designer!
The celebration of Episode 01 - "For Tomorrow" was held at PJ Jalan 225, and was attended by all fashionista and media. Black is timeless. People all dress in black that night of course, it is Joe's signature.  The night was so exciting with all the Heineken beers, party, collaboration, exhibition, pop-up store, and fashion runway. Joe's team are really doing a great job! I had a lot of fun! 

Attended with my fatty Uncle Cole again.

Steal this macam yes picture from Tony Wong

How Joe's workshop looks like back in 2012.

Showcasing some of Joe's previous work.
With pretty mama Mei Chin.

Diva Brian See and Uncle Cole

Hemsem Lewis

Party lights.

Hi crazy Laine!

Cole smoking colorful cigarettes lol

Stop playing phone fatty!
The one who always call me fat looks so fat too lollll

Diva again Brian See and pretty Travis. 

Just trying to take a picture with the busy Ethan. sorry for interrupt your conversation ><
Chiak chiak! we all looks pretty! LOL

Pink lady Michele. HAHA

Brian See you too tall! go away! 

ohhhhhhh Lucky me.. Got to take a picture with the busy boygod JOE CHIA! The main character of the nighT!

Uncle Cole and Indian mei mei IVY.
Hui Chin and Megan!
The happy bear Joey. haha
Melissa! Take your time! Don't rush don't rush!!!!

Joey I gonna tell Joe you kacau his clothes!

Ok la I also got kacau la.. lol

With cute cute ZOE! Muahhh
The awesome TTFGA.

Fatty stop hiding your fats

Trying to kiss Melissa.....

I got two pretty girls to kiss me!!!

We had so much fun around Joe's master pieces.
Zoe, why you so cuteeeeeeeeeee

TTFGA surrendered to my camera. lol
My queen, Ashmannnnnnnnnnnn

My fatty again, Uncle Cole


So happy to see my Abang Syahmi and also Justin Chew!!
Miss our old days in college!

Selfie before the show start.

Sorry Joe, I was sitting too front from the opening. I only have enough time to catch the back viewwwwwwww T.T Forgive me

Luckily still manage to catch the hemsem smiling Danny Lim in my camera. lol

Only manage to catch the finale video! Yuhooo!!! Love the lighting effect so much!!
It looks like they just came out from the heaven. Brilliant runway! 

End of the post.
Hope you enjoy all my stupid pictures. LOL
Thanks fatty Cole helped me to take so many nice pictures.
You so fat but I still love you... lolllll

top - Givenchy // skirt - H&M // Shoes - Charles & Keith // Bagpack - Jean Paul Gaultier



Thursday, 11 December 2014

Giambattista Valli Book

Shhhhhh... Don't tell them that I sneak in a few pages of Giambattista Valli Book and take picture. I don't even know whether this is a crime or not >< I just wanted to share what I saw and learned to you guys haha So happy that I finally home from my working trip. I went to Hong Kong a week ago and I had visited the largest bookstore in HongKong city which named ESLITE. They have all kind of books and this Giambattista Valli book caught my attention. I'm a fans of Giambattista since the first time I saw his collection. This Italy born designer's design is all about romance, elegant and femininity.

Am always excited to see how designers live in their own brand. So this book had shown us how he was inspired through his life, the journey of designing until the runway. The book also featured impeccable tailoring, meticulous detailed and luxurious craft. His collections are crucial passages in contemporary fashion history, attended by everyone from royalty to A-list Hollywood celebrities. This book offers a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of one of the most unique fashion designers working today.

Here are some picture I had sneak in haha I just can't resist myself from taking pictures.

Giambattista Valli's sketches.

Sorry Giambattista Valli, don't have enough money to buy you. T.T
Will always love you!