Friday, 23 September 2016


Don't be jealous because I have many yakults in my house. One of the best drink for me to avoid constipation. (blogging while drinking yakult again)
Born in 1935 in Japan from the research of a doctor, Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic drink. Today, science and research remains the basis of their business. As the world pioneer in the field of probiotics research, they have expanded their portfolio to include a range of consumer, skincare and pharmaceutical products in Japan.

This blue bottle is my favorite as it has less sugar. FYI, even the regular red cap bottle Yakult has only 62 kcal – same as one apple so no worries about gaining weight la seriously.

Yakult contains high quality live culture "Shirota Strain" Imported from Japan and other best quality ingredients from across the globe. In addition, it is produced in a modern factory using high technology. This is why the price of Yakult is slightly higher compared to other drinks.

Although the Yakult bottle is quite small but it is sufficient for an optimum effect in a day. What is important is not the volume of the drink. but the sufficient number of live Shirota Strain to provide health benefits. Yakult is not a thirst-quencher, it is a health drink.

To serve as a healthy drink for daily consumption, Yakult does not contain any artificial colorings and only come in citrus flavor. We should drink Yakult and not just for the taste, but also to maintain our health.

Wonder what's the function of Shirota Strain? 

- It improve bowel movement 
-Maintain balance of good and bad bacteria.
- Reduce toxins in our body. 
-Boost immune system

If you want more healthy drinks like this, Y
akult is organizing "Jom ke Jepun Bersama Yakult"!
Contest start from 28th August - 15th October :)
All you need to do is just download the contest form at their website
and mail Yakult packaging to the organizers.

Besides the healthy benefits of Yakult, you are going to stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of 5 days 4 nights for 3 families (3 persons) at Japan trip with Yakult Ambassadors, Schawalara and Nona TV3 crew!

Yakult is never stingy when come to prizes!

First prize:
Ipad Mini 4

Second prize:
Shopping voucher

Assortment of Yakult merchandise will be given for every purchase of 100 bottles

For more info of the contest, check it out here!

Do it before it is too late!
( Caught my friend stealing my Yakult! )


Monday, 30 May 2016

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Heard of it yet!???! The new range of Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine - Drop is now in town! Dolce Gusto means "Sweet taste" in Italian. Its a machine that help you to save time on doing your boring chocolate, cofffee, green tea powder at home.  It is easy to use and made super good drinks! Definitely bring style to your home and office!

To make your own beverage, you need capsule of different tastes. Of course there are surely tastes that you like. There are cappuccino, green tea latte, chococino, mocha, milo, grand intenso and etc

for me.......I'm a huge fans of milo! Thank god they have it! Now I get to make my milo even faster and tastier! Yummmmmmmm

It's freaking easy to use! Just place your capsule into the machine..... Follow the water level as shown on the packaging. 

Adjust your water volume here. and click start! GAO DIM!!!!

Most of the people know I'm a pattern girl. I add on some mint and coco crunch on my MILO!
Trust me it taste super good! HAHAHHA and fat die me.

Dont't be jealous that I make good beverage.
You can too! You only need to own one machine too!

Makes life easier but fancier!

Also, dont forget to stay tuned to @dolcegustomalaysia on instagram for more creative recipes too!!!

For the month of May, there will be a 30% off promotion Genio machines when you purchase 3 boxes of capsule until 8th June 2016! Do check out the machines promotion on the webshop.


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Acer Revo One Hello Kitty Edition

Look look! What is it!? A limited Hello Kitty edition of award-winning Acer Revo One!

It was such a beautiful pink morning for me after all my busy schedule. I got the chance to get a peek at the super cute Acer Revo One in limited Hello Kitty Edition! It is an Ultra Mini PC in a Hello Kitty!

With only 600 units available in Malaysia, the cute and small form factor Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition is ideal for digital entertainment and multimedia sharing with its lifelike cinematic experience of high-quality audio and video.

What is best with Acer Revo One??? It is powered by Intel Core i3 Processors with HD resolution, Dynamic 7.1 Surround Sound, Handy system control via Androide phone and upgradeable to 2TB storage! Too much goodness in one!

You can always remote-control your Revo One via the Acer Revo Suite app on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse to control this desktop, write emails, and work.
By far, Acer Revo One has won Red Dot Design Award 2015, Good Design Award 2015, Best Choice 2015 (Gold award and Best Product of the Year), Computex 2015, and Taiwan Excellence 2016.

Acer Malaysia Marketing Manager Stephanie Ho with Head of Products Johnson Seet and Product Manager Jeffrey Lai with the limited Acer Revo One Hello Kitty during the private launch.
With all the lovely pies of the day except for Careen because she is too busy with her photoshoot haha

Totally feeling high to see Kitty Revo One!!!

Aren't we cute??? As cute as Hello Kitty *Shyyyyyyy

Photobombing is the must do thing nowadays hahaha

Vain blogger at work. 

YY and her pimple stealing the spotlight.

Thanks Acer for having all of us from Nuffnang! We had a great morning spending with all the pink lovers! <3

For more details, go to 

Sunday, 8 May 2016


It was such a great afternoon spending with NUXE brand launch last month. The atmosphere, view and dining are all just too perfect! Great event indeed!

Nuxe is a beauty brand came from Paris, well known with it Nature essentials in all of its products! Nuxe means Nature and Luxury! Since its creation, the NUXE Laboratory has focused on developing high quality skincare products based on the 5 pillars (Nature, Innovation, Evaluation, Accessibility, and Sensory Experience) of the pharmaceutical approach and adapted for the cosmetics industry.

Good news now is..... NUXE is finally here in Malaysia! CONGRATSSSSS!!! I had tried plenty of the products and it is awesome!!!

We all bloggers was being lecturing how to use the products correctly hehe

Nuxe White is well known in increasing skin transparency using an innovative combination of white flowers and Vitamin C ! It has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots and also improve the the complexion and the rosy appearance of the skin!!!

Nuxe Cleansers and Makeup Removers with Rose Petals

Cleaning your face is the first step in your daily beauty routine! Your skin needs to be cleansed in the morning and night to keep it from turning dull and to prevent small imperfections from appearing. The best selling Nuxe facial cleanser is the Makeup Remover and Facial Cleasing Gel Reve de Miel, which shoothes and softens at the same time. A wonderful sensory experience for beautiful skin.

Let yourself be tempted by the Rose Petals range! The products are formulated to soften and soothe all skin types, even the most sensitive: the micellar cleansing water, cleansing milk and toning lotion will soon be part of you beauty regimen! 

One of Nuxe's bestsellers, Huile Prodigieuse has quickly become a star. This unique, popular care is the n1 dry oil in pharmacies in France. This oil's inimitable fragrance has become a Nuxe Icon with its orange blossom, rose and vanilla notes that will keep you sparkling all day long!

The dry oil is enriched in Vitamin E. It is made of six precious botanical oils to nourish, repair, and soften the face, body and hair in one go. Huile Prodigieuse OR has golden shimmer that illuminate the skin and hair in one sensuous application for a glamorous effect!

Bump into Ivy, we both crazily love the products!!! <3

With the forever looking beautiful, Patricia K!
and cutie pie, Jessica Chaw!

I've tried it!
How about you??


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Questions about Me and Cole

If you follow me in instagram and facebook, you'll know Me and Cole often appeared together in a lot of pictures. Most of the people have a lot of curiosity about me and him. The most frequent question is about our relationship. and yasss we are just friend, 7 years of friendship, friend that talk east talk west... LOL!
End of story. So now read all other Q&As of us because we are curious about what we think about each other too haha :)

Note: Broken english are our slang*

How do you guys meet each other?
C: I was working as a makeup artist in a studio. And the photographer show Kittie picture and said she will be the one who doing our test shoot. And I'm like, "cannot!!"
K: Met because of a test shoot.

Why you want to do makeup for Kittie? And being makeup by Cole?

C: Because she got very big potential in picture and brings out the style that I want.

K: I love exploring different look with makeup during events! That's why I approach Cole to makeup for me for all events. I think he have damn big potential!

What was the first impression on each other?

C: Kittie very small, 19 years old, then she very dark very short hair vey long con very big, very different in the picture.

K: I'm afraid of handsome guy, and I very nervous because a handsome guy makeup for me hahahaha

What's your favorite makeup on Kittie.

C: The first makeup I did for u during Amber chia model search, and I was told that "I want very loud makeup"

K: Korean makeup look because I looks damn chioooooo!! Ok la I had too much unusual makeup la hahahha

What makeup do you think is the most "salah" to me?

C: can't think of any. I think most of it have it own specialty and concept.

K: I can't think of which one but sometimes I do doubt of some makeup that doesn't even looks nice in the picture hahaha

1 to 10, how u rate yourself ?

C: Mmmmm... Unicorn!!!

K: 8? Haha

What makeup do you haven't explore on me ?

C: Full body makeup!

K: I want to try Kim Kardashian bitchy look!
If given one more chance, will you choose to makeup for Kittie again? Or being makeup by Cole?
 C: Of course !!

K: Abuthen!!

What changes occurs after you guys meet each other?

C: She brought me to a different field/world and explore a lot in different work. I get a lot kind of makeup on Kittie also get a lot of collaboration with big brands and travel log.

K: He's a guy that full of thinking. He taught me a lot of things and he gave me a lot of ideas/ opinion in whatever problem I have! 

What do you guys hate about each other?

C: Mou shao Mei and she like to eat drop food on the table or floor.

K: Selfish!
What do you like about each other?

C: she's a very straight forward girl, and she alws follow the flow. she does not have any bad intention in whatever she do. I think she deserve the things she have it now. I think people treat her like how she treat people.
K: Sometimes I'm really annoy by his selfishness but he is just being straight forward. I told him and he really did change sometimes haha (just sometimes*) He do things he like he never let people block him from what he want. He have strong point of view. Humorous guy with a strong instinct!

What's the most mean word you ever told each other?

C: you are very fat!
K: you are very selfish!

What secret would you never tell me before?

C: I put the drop food on your plate.

K: I steal your lipstick.
Choose 1 word on describing each other?

C: Mei! (Pretty)

K: Big Man (Da Nan Ren!)
How do you see yourself in 5years time ?

C: A millionaire as a professional makeup lecturer and publish a makeup book.

K: More stockist of my brand around the world! have more and more makeup look to challenge myself!

How would your life be like if you guys never meet each other?

C: Before I met Kittie Im only a daily worker as a counter makeup artist. I will not be involved in social media/bigger world and I might work as a fix makeup artist under a big company for long term. 

K: I will not be establish or well known for my makeup and look. T.T I will not have a good advisor beside me. I might work slower than before.
How do you see each other in 5 years time.
C: An international fashion designer and label! And will be an icon, a lot of exposure.
K: a fat uncle with a lot of makeup on the face.

Choose 1 animal to describe each other?

C: Donkey, (short and stupid)

K: Wolf! ( hamsap! )


I was all alone at all events till I met him and there goes our friendship.
We are same same but not same lol

I'm thankful!
Lub u cole!

Ask me personally if you have more questions! 


Thursday, 28 January 2016

RAKUTEN - Shopping is Entertainment!

niooooo!!! Am I the last one who now only found out about ???? The online shopping website that sell quality stuffs??? Ok... I guess it's never too late to find out because treasure always came last! :) If you are later than me, that's ok, let me make a brief on Rakuten.

Rakuten is an Online Shopping Website launch in Malaysia in 2012. It carries over 210,000 goods from over 900 merchants with a diverse mix of product categories, including fashion apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture! Ok, that's enough for me to shop whole day in the house.

Rakuten’s tagline is “Shopping is Entertainment”. Its idea of service is to provide shopping as a form of entertainment in people’s lives.  It does that in several ways – by ensuring that the shopping site has many merchants providing an exciting range of quality products; through its reward programme, Rakuten Super Point, which allows customers to shop more, for less (1 Rakuten Super Points are worth RM1, which can be spent on products across the website during the next purchase); and by creating enjoyable shopping-related events such as the hallmark Rakuten Super Sale – a big discount festive event.

Recently, they have launched a 5x Rakuten Super Point-back programme, where members can get 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points for their purchases - everything, every day, with no limit on the amount of rebate. 
it can be used like cash to offset your next purchase!!

What's makes people happy is, Free sign up!
Can you see can you see!? Every items have points! WUhoooo!!!

With the extra points, you can now convert them and then use them as if they are credit! =D

Of course, you would need to sign up as a member to enjoy this benefit – which is totally worthwhile! Because other than the 5x Rakuten Super Points, Rakuten will be sending you various coupons every weekend! Awesome right?

What’s even more awesome is that while a lot of other websites only allow you to use 1 discount item (eg: only one coupon or one discount code at a time), Rakuten allows you to combine these discount together!

For example, on every Wednesdays, there will be 5% discount for Mastercard holders. Say I am going to buy this pair of heels:

Rakuten is offering a 10% RaCoupon for this shop – which mean the price will be reduced to RM98.90. If I buy it on a Wednesday with Mastercard, it will be further reduced by 5% - which means that I now only need to pay RM93.90. On top of the RM16 that I have saved – I’ll also earn the Rakuten Super Point! Super awesome!

One of the other thing that I normally look for when I shop online is their shipping method – I would opt for shops that provides tracking, so that I can check on the status of the parcel and be ready to collect them! =D Taking the earlier shop for example, they post their items through Pos Laju – which also come with tracking that I can check where my parcel is!

You know what. you should always shop through women's instinct. I mean follow your heart and buy what you want haha. Whatever you buy here, you get points, at the end of the day, you will get a lot of discount. That's how I shop usually, don't worry about the money you spend, because you gonna save back later! Am I smart? or you should tell me how to shop smarter? haha Leave it at comment below!!!

Rakuten Super Points is totally worth it!
It is their rewards program to show appreciation to us who shopppppp........!!
Find out more details here I bet you don't wanna missed it!

Chinese New Year is around the corner, don't forget to shop wisely!
Don't say I never tell you one of the worthies online shopping website - Rakuten!!

Oh ya, if you were shopping there, don't forget to tell me what's your hacks to save more points!!!
I Kia Su, I wanna learn your fun and authentic shopping experience!! haha

Leave it at the comment below.