Thursday, 16 October 2014

GUESS - Nashville's Most Wanted Denim Event

It have been a pleasure for me to attend GUESS Most Wanted Denim Event at Pavillion and I got a chance to be a part of it with my little collaboration with GUESS! The dress code on that day was Nashville Cowboy & Cowgirl. So what are you expecting? Surely we are all dressed in denim with cowboy hat but I don't have one! >< There were fashion show at the event and many crowds were there to support GUESS! Celebrities, bloggers, socialite were all there to hang out with tons of desserts and drinks!

Early in the season the color palette is dominated by the distinctive tones of oxblood and rhubarb reds intertwined with old west blues and browns including camel, khaki, cognac and brandy. Pops of turquoise, sweet lavender and Cadillac pink offer a selection of feminine tones for her. By mid-season the palette turns to matte black which are contrasted by brilliant whites and pops of metallic in chrome silver and gold. To close out the season, On the Road inspires true blue denim tones, winter whites and softer dusty shades of camel and mushroom with pops of deep blue, bright yellow and aubergine.

For Fall 2014, Guess goes back to its roots, taking inspiration from the authentic American soul of Nashville.

Nashville, otherwise known as Music City, filler with history, soul and the place where dreams are made, provides a strong influence and inspiration for the upcoming Fall 2014 Guess collection. The first theme begins in Nashville, the center of music, where country meets rock n' roll. The Show is filled with bold, sexy and iconic GUESS influences. While On The Road, represents the authenticity and denim heritage of the GUESS brand.

Spot my little collaboration with GUESS along with Malaya Breed and The Extra Piece.
These one and only piece design are all going to bid! The highest bidder will be the winner and proceed foes to the designer's choice of charity body! Come big peepoo! 1month to go!!

Picture with my work.

Closer to my patchwork.

Malaya Breed

The Extra Piece

The Extra Piece.
The show.
With the coolcoolwannabe Uncle Cole. HAHA

Karen, ChanWon and Chenelle. I wore mask here because I went to laser after the event lol

With lovely, Natrah from The Extra Piece and Ezzati Amira!

Natrah, Ezzati, Yana and Ishrak.

With Ivy, writer in Mint Magazine :)

Yea, with my great companion again Mr.Cole.

Thanks to GUESS again for giving me a chance to work on their denim!
Faster come bid for Kittie Yiyi X GUESS denim yo.......!!!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Centro W Salon - When Wonderful Happens

If you follow me in instagram, you must familiar with CentroHairSalon. Centro is my favorite salon to go to. They fullfill any hairstyle that I want whenever I need. That's the reason why you always see me in all kind of hairstyle whenever I attending event.

Just recently, something wonderful had created by Centro. I can see their really hard work instead of dreaming of it. Yes, they had just moved from their cul-de-sac to a spanking 2600 sq ft space that sparkles in all its black, white, and gold glory.They had finally launch their Centro W Salon! Why is it called "W"??? Read for more.......

With a glossy, golden "W" festtooned dramatically against power coated steel beams, their new Centro W stays true to the famed Centro Welcome of warmth as you tread on our unique golden carpet into the new space that features their main 14-seater salon with its mirrored ceiling. Boasting not one, but two  VIP rooms, expect to get the full glamour treatment in Takara Belmont's signature Yume chairs that comes equipped with swivel massages and a full 180 degree recline as you admire the light-infused French door moldings and black tinted mirrors, an avant-garde aesthetic that enhances your senses.

Whenever I go to Centro, I feels just like my home because the surrounding just makes me feel so relax and glam. HAHA

Love the gold balloons floating at the reception counter!!!

Customers of their Creative Director Kevin Woo, in the meantime, will enjoy a luxurious experience in a dedicated area that allows their Mane Maestro to flaunt his skills bathed in a golden room flanked with Flos Floor lamps. Golden rods are suspended from the ceiling in an artful touch that elevates the luxurious ambience. Expect to see also a quick cut area for customers on the run, a cloakroom as well as a manicure-pedicure are that enhances your Centro experience.

I'm playful and I know it ><

Huge place to serve many many customers of them!!
Just sit and wait for your beautiful hair done, with varieties of drinks they served!

After hairdo, always a big background for you to take super nice picture of yourself! WUhooo....

The roundabout that takes you to different rooms.

hanging out at the VVIP room! 

Love this room!
 It is full of mirrors and you can just hang around here when your wife or husband or aunty uncle doing their diva hair. Just take a rest here ....

K-pop hairdo,  my hairstylist only took 10minutes to set this hairstyle!
How skillful he is!! 

Resting on their laurels is the surest way to Wilt away in their exciting industry so they hope this latest chapter in the Centro story will succeed in Wooing you to join them on this new adventure.

So hang on to you seats as the Centro W Salon takes over your World. Or as they like to call it,
Wow-ing you!!

Hairstyle: Kay Tuan (Centro Hair Salon)
Makeup: Cole. T Makeup
Photographer: Cole. T
Wardrobe: Kittie Yiyi


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October thoughts

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Photograph by Chee Wei (Yipieyaya Studio)

(Nothing much, Just landed in KL, am very tired, but I need to update my blog. hehe)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Medium Rare Store

Yeah!! I finally found some colorful socks that I really love! Fun and cheeky, definitely my style!
If you looking for good quality and fun socks in town. Medium Rare Store is one of the choice!
Designed by their very own designer, everything is perfectly made.

Medium Rare Store is a unisex's outfit store dedicated to style-aware grown up kid who need to put on age-appropriate outfit but refuse to compromise their fun-loving spirit, who love their look as a juicy, moist, luscious, soft, tender, mouthwatering, appetizing, tasty, delicious medium rare steak instead of thoroughly brown and chewy well done one.

You can now grab it at their stockist:
LahLahLand, Sungei Wang KL.
Bev C, Johor.
Three Little Bird Cafe, Desa Park City

For more information:
Instagram: mediumrarestore

Stay tuned for the official launch on 29th of September!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Raffles Nebula Show

Suit up in Ezzati Amira and here I am at my ex college, Raffles College Nebula Graduation Show. Feeling so old out of sudden. Can't believe I had left school since 4years ago! 0.0 I want to jump sea already.

Nebula means a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky either as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter. Stellar nurseries are made of clouds of dust and gas called nebulae (singular is nubela). All stars are born out of Nebulae. That's how these 18 fashion student year 2014 are born!

This round I am impressed by the runway platform. Clean and simple. That's what I'm always hoping to see ;) As usual, the show is full house and full of cheering. The judges of Nebula show are Zaihani, Claudia Low and Syomir Izwa. Ok stop crapping and watch the show!

Max Sim ( A Passage, I )

Al-' Ainaa (L'anatomie De L'humanite)

haha............Alexio Yeoh get caught looking angry 1

Teoh Gemi ( Blacklisted! Me?)

I kind of love how daring she play around with those complicated prints. 

Nathaniel Fan (Infinity Fortitude)

Love the runway walk, this reminds me of D&G

Chin Kim Foong (Reborg)

........Alexio Yeoh looking angry 2  (don't be so serious naaaaaa........)

Ng Wan Ying ( Allure)

Amelia Ng (Insane 'N' Tea)
2nd runner up 

Tiffany (The most unlikely...)

Farah Nabila ( NO8D0 )

Delbar Tavangar ( Metamorphosis )

Hammi Lye (Conversation with Axis Mundi)

Alexio Yeoh angry 3. ok la enough la Alexio, don't angry niao... HAHAHHA

Aw Zhi Sin (The taste of mind)

Helen Olivia ( Intertwine )

Junivati Lili ( Sinuosus )

Connie Gan ( The Leading Edge )

Sahar Fattah ( Apotheosis )

Ding Kai Yih ( Marionette )
1st runner up collection.

The super obvious winner of the night by Nigel Chia.
(Papier Merveilles)
Very well made collection! Impressive! 

Congrats to all the winners again.
Time for my selfies..... hehe........shyyy**

All my great companion of the night.
You can't sit with us. ehemm ehemm....
Wei Kung sexy legs.

me and  my lover and my lover's lovers HAHHAHAH

Aaron, Cole, me and Wei Kung in orgasm 0.0


Uncle Cole is my best selfie partner. We can have 100 different poses in 10seconds. lol


with Aalaronbaby

Teacher Kar Juen... Why u smile like that o? You shy shy a?????

Smell my ketiak pose.
Here we go with our "backbone pain" pose lollll

Enough enough! URGH!

Wei Kung, Joe and Kar Juen.

Happily walk away is me. lol

Vernice and me bruurrr picture. lol

Just in love with Ezzati suit !

Beautiful Danial who make the stage so beautiful! 

Say Hi to hemsemmmmmm

Oh I faint.........

Uncle Cole, Be my poser forever !

Diva Wei Kung is wearing Kittie Yiyi's Pre-Fall 2014.
Cherry with his red diva gown.

Ok enough of stupid selfies. lol Sorry if I annoyed you. That's all for this post!
Congratulation to all graduates again! You've come a long way, and now this is only your beginning of career. Good luck you all! <3