Monday, 2 March 2015


Be alert! This aunty had gained some weight after eating so much during Chinese New Year. Don't mention it even you see her because she knew it. OK??? ahahha Seriously my stomach is full of shit now. Tell me how to push them all out le...Luckily I got myself a new sweater from ZARA and it covers my big tummy completely this time. When you're trying to hide your fatness, choose some catchy printed clothes so people will only focus on your clothes. HAHA That's how I cover my fats after CNY. How about you?????

Also, I seriously get tanner this time. so, I just gotta face it and embrace it. wuwuwuwuuu~

Trying out some oh shit pose. 

Ala ala spread the legs so it looks slimmer~Bluek!

Ok! Done posing!
fuhhh! HOT DIE ME!

Zara sweater // Ceo.V sunglasses // Jeffrey Campbell Scully Platform // Ebano Bag pack


Thursday, 26 February 2015

PRP - Platelet-Rich Plasma [ME CLINIC]

Happy Chinese New Year peepoos! I gained 2kg this time cause I ate and slept nonstop and kept repeating hahahha.. Such chilling life. So now I'm back to my work desk and I'm going to talk about my skin condition again ><

I'm always feel so blessed when I visit Me Clinic because they serve and give me the best treatment. I had tried this treatment named PRP(procedure can see in the video below) last week before CNY so my skin stay alive during CNY.

PRP stand for Platelet-rich Plasma. PRP is extracted from patient's blood which then centrifudged and re-injected to the various treatment areas. De-granulation takes place after injection when the growth factors are released from the PRP. During this process, the contents of the platelet-granules are being released by budding from platelet membranes and addition of side chains. Therefore it is important that platelets remain viable and intact during the separation process to remain effective. Overtime, increased collagen production is encouraged by the growth factors which naturally creates volume in the skin and reverse the signs of aging.

Benefits of PRP:
- speed up healing process
- face lifting
- stimulate new cells to more collagen
- anti aging
- reduce scars and dark marks
- skin tone looks even
- no chance of disease transmissions
- safety. Derived from patient's blood
- low downtime
- Non toxic
- Convenient

How long for each treatment?
Treatment will take approximately half an hour to 1 hour.

Is PRP painful?
The PRP is injected with very fine needle to minimize discomfort. However, doctor may increase the treatment pleasure with an application of local anesthetics.

How many PRP treatments are required?
Typically 1 to 5 treatment sessions will be required yearly to remain effective, depending on skin conditions.

How long must I wait to see result of PRP treatment?
PRP takes time to gradually correct depressions in your skin and the time varies on individual skin conditions. Full effects of the treatment is visible after 2 months as production of new collagen improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Overall, I think PRP is a good choice to be compared against other surgery la...because it's harmless yet benefits the skin very much. So I really recommend this treatment if you've been wanting to have a healthy and youthful looking skin.

Video shown the procedures of PRP treatment.
Talked in chinese this time because I still not comfortable with talking english HAHA
Next time k! Muahhhh

if you are interested to do this or any others treatment, don't forget to mention my name when you visit ME CLINIC to get promotion price!! Don't say I never tell you oooooooooo

call them for more details:
+603-2143 3866

fb: Me Clinic
Insta: Meclinictimesquare

OKBYEBYE!! that's it for today! 

gonna go collect angpao somemore.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Feminine February Issue 2015

Love is in the air~ but I'm still at home blogging because my bf said today is full of traffic jammmm.. so ya, kind of true, makes me even more lazy to go out.. Last month I was assign to do styling for Feminine magazine Valentine's fashion spread. I was happy to do it because the theme is about Korean Couple. and also, the two models are too cute for the shoot! For the first time I feel so sweet and lovely on a photo shoot scene! So here are all the outcome! I still can feel the sweetness in my heart now ~~~

Photographer: Wee Choon (Main Shot Studio)
Model: Jayden Yen , Betty Ang
Makeup Artist: Vnix Lau
Stylist: Kittie meow meow
Clothes: Belle's Classic and Alpha.bet


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cleo x Tiamo Capsule Collection

So happy to be invited to CLEO X TIAMO Capsule Collection Preview Event because they have big surprise for us!!! read till the end you'll find out what we get! 0.0 It was a private preview held at Mid Valley TIAMO outlet with around 30 guests. This is the first collaboration between CLEO Magazine and TIAMO and I am excited to view them once I arrived the store! The theme of the day was Hello, Sailor! People were dressed up in Navy Blue or Ruby Red, and I totally forgot about it! T.T Feeling so out of the theme once I reached. LOL 

The collection is all about love and timeless! It featured heels, wedges, flats and fashion bags specially designed for all the trendy girls who are looking for comfortable accessories/heels! You know la...Girls love pretty more than their life, I rather be in pain than feeling short with flats. Lolll

Thanks CLEO and TIAMO came out with this great collaboration! :))))

FOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!! Lol, can't hide my feeling when I see food. I need to eat 'em all!

Hallo! You want comfortable yet trendy shoes? COME HERE!

Pianist of the day. LOL

Personally love this pair of heels! Looks so comfortable yet so meeeeee... because it's red hahaha

With Unicorn Joyce. We got our unicorn hair from Centro W Salon!

with the brilliant girl behind this collaboration, Claudia Low, editor of CLEO

I think you look better like this... hahaha

With the always looks drunk model, Alicia A! HAHAHA

Look Look!!! That's our surprise of the day! We all got a pair of shoes or bag from their capsule collection! I choose this red bag to present my mom! Because Chinese New Year coming ma!
You girls should come and get yourself something too! The price is very reasonable!

Not to forget my hairdo of the day by Centro W Salon! Always making me pretty at any event.
Still can't get over with my new hairstyle. it can be low and high profile at the same time! Thanks to the brilliant hairstylist, Celine Yap from Centro! :))))

OK, Back to work desk! 
Thanks CLEO and TIAMO once again!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

KIKICOCO travel to Bangkok

It's already 2015! Hope everyone have a blast in 2015! but let's take it as if it's still 2014 haha. cause i haven blog about my Bangkok trip happened long long long time ago.

I love seeing old pictures! That's why I never stop taking pictures! Old pictures always give me all the best memories and happiness. Last September, I had the opportunity to travel to Bangkok with the Newtide magazine team and my lovely uncle Cole. It's not the first time we went Bangkok, but this trip was still as excited as the previous ones because it's the first time me and Cole travel together. haha Travel with someone who is as dumb as yourself always give suprises.

I think most of the people are very familiar with Bangkok city already. So I just want to share what me and Cole did at Bangkok and also where we stayed. Wanna share the great moment of us in this trip. We called it Kikicoco's travel, because Ki stand for kittie and Co stand for Cole. So let's mark down what we do to make our trip fun:

1. Shopping of course. 
(forgot to take shopping photo, only me shopping for fruits at EATHAI Central Embassy lol) 
Who don't shop when they go Bangkok??? Need not me to tell you where to shop la.. Of course is Platinum mall to shop for cheap and nice clothing lo. Also need to see whether you pandai bargain or not la.. If you love to see a little more high end design go to Siam Center, most of the local designer are located in there. Outside Siam Center they have night market and Siam Square also. Just shop everywhere you can! For high end brand, I recommend you to go to the newest shopping mall in Bangkok, CENTRAL EMBASSY! They have most of the international brand in the mall. I'm going crazy when I'm there. But one of my favourite spot to shop is still Terminal 21. The fashion retail shops are more organised and easier to spot things that you want. Most importantly it is very comfortable to walk in the mall. No crazy sweat! ONE MORE! ASIATIQUE!! I love that place! Go see yourself!!!

One of my favourite shop in Central Embassy. Also because it is the cheapest shop among those branded store la haha. Labrador, everything in here are organic and eco friendly. I myself bought a pair of 100% made of wood watches, also for my boyfriend.

all kind of well made sunglasses in SIWILAI

Promoting sunglasses. lol

In love with this Simone Rocha Pearl Embellished Leather Loafers found in SIWILAI Multi-brand retail concept store in Central Embassy.
SOBSSSS......Nvrm I'm happy even just trying on. LOL

2. eat everywhere & drink more water
What's better to do other than eating and drinking when you go travelling?? We had non-stop craving for food when we are at Bangkok. We gotta try every food of others country's cultural either the roadside hawker stall or cafe in the mall. Of course, drink more water to avoid falling sick! We had very good Thailand Mango and Watermelon juice! YummmM!!

Fatness overload trip

Coffee Beans by DAO in Central Embassy. Very nice cafe!

I'm a happy kid when I have food to eat! :)))))))

We went to try the food in Zense's rooftop bar also. The view in the day and night were both so beautiful!!!

I'm a fishhhhhhh.. blueblueblueblueeee

With the awesome Newtide team and tour guide on the right, thanks for taking care of me in this trip:) Appreciate it!

Because of Newtide, I gotta eat a lot too. Thanks to them! HAHA I ENJOYED!!!

Was quite amaze by their Pineapple juice at Eathai haha. It was so good1!!
So we almost had everything in Bangkok, but I don't know why are we so stupid that we didn't eat any tom yam. and I only found out when we flew back >< A bangkok trip without TomYam is totally insane!!! T.T

3. Dress up to the bar.
HAHHAHAA Sorry if this picture scare you!! Me and Cole was feeling a little boring, so I  decided to drag like a drag queen and go to the bar. 3 layers of eyelashes, tones of pink eyeshadow, thick red lips and a bitchy long blonde highlight wig giving me such an awesome night and what I never did before. It's Thailand! Let's go all out in your dressing! Enjoyed the people staring and whistling on the street! haha all thanks to Coco's awesome makeup hand.

Steal the bathrobe in our hotel and dress up like a japanese girl hahaha

Here we are at DJ Station to club! wuhoooooooo


Thanks to JunYih, the party animal for tour guiding us around this place lol.
You so fameessssssssss

For the first time, Cole said his self esteem was so low because so many handsome boys were inside the bar!

 I AGREE! I can see from his sad face haha

This woman can sing so well!

I was so happy that night because it've been years that I never go to the club. ><

Hi, you want to bring me home tonight??? LOL

4. Exploring different hotel
In Bangkok, we can find many interesting accommodations! So we decided to stay in 3 different places this trip. From high end hotel to the impressive bagpacker hostel. It's fun to explore new thing every time you go to Bangkok and they never fail to wow me. That's what I love about Bangkok. Interesting place with full of creative people!

For the first 2 nights, we stay in Centara Grand Hotel. It is a 5 stars luxury hotel located at Central World. Worth trying because the hotel is really nice with good services and facilities. I don't have much picture of the hotel, because we were too busy working. But you can see from my video below later :)))

We've tried the buffet breakfast and dinner in the hotel. The food is well made and tasty.
Everything's almost perfect! Don't miss their buffet if you stay there!

Leng zai where r you??? Don't leave meeeeeeee

I was damn impressed by their swimming pool!!!! The view is perfect and most importantly is, there are musics in their swimming pool! So when you swim, you feel like you are in the movie "finding Nemo" loll I tried to imagine I'm a mermaid under the sea. hahahaha Seriously please try this pool!!!

On the 3rd day, we stay in Boxpacker Hostel! I always thought bag packers hostel are dirty and scary. Lol I was wrong, this hostel is awesome! Even the spaces are limited, but everything are well organised and the facilities is enough for you to use. I'm impressed again! I don't mind staying here for all 5days if I want to save up money for accommodations. It's only RM50 per night!

So cute interior.

This is how it looks like. You share a room with a few bag packers, sleeping in a rectangle box with a tiny slide door, so that you can see what your friend doing at the next door. haha So I see Cole kept drinking beer and selfie in the box. aiksssss....fat tummy mou dak gao........

me and view at our little balcony

The forth and fifth day, we stay in this very interesting hotel named Mystic Place!! This is a picture inside the hotel! it is a room with Cinema theme. They have all different theme outlook for each room! So you can always come to this hotel to stay because there are still many different theme rooms that you can explore! We didn't manage to get this Cinema room because it was occupied.

Check out more theme in their page:

This is our first room on the 4th night! Room 402, The theme is Bird nest. The concept of this room has been inspired by the determination of birds when they scower the skye in search of sticks and organic materials to build their nests. The organic style of this room and the smoothing colours that shine through the stained glass windows give us a truly relaxing stay!

I had a quick photoshoot with the interior. Hope you guys love them cause I love the interior very much!

I woke up like this. LOL

and then... The fifth night.. fuhhhhh finally we done changing hotel lol. We switch to room 413 named Superior. The room is dark and mysterious but the design is very chic and the wall paintings are in vintage style. The mirror above the bed and the colourful furniture add even more fun and excitement to the room's personality!

with the fatttttttttttttttttttttttttt ala ala drag queen posing

Balcony to enjoy the sunshine.

8. walk with selfie stick
Yay!! Don't you think you're always prettier when you are on travel?? and selfie always looks greater than usual, what logic is this? hahahhaa Maybe because we spend more time in makeup and dress up. So this is my must have item when I go to travel especially when you are alone or you have some selfish friend who don't take picture for you. HAHA So selfie stick is always with me to capture my moment with the view. but this fat Cole always snatch my selfie stick and use it for his own fat face. So annoying, I should have bring two.

(picture above - must visit spot in Bangkok, Grand Palace.)

This fat uncle Cole is seriously crazy. He even take out the selfie stick in a sardine-packed train.
I kind of speechless but I like it anyway cause I love selfie with crowded background haha.

Chiak chiak chiak. captured our happy moments.

6. Posing wherever and whenever you are
So many great views when you are on travel! How can you missed out yourself with the view and proof that you were there??? but I really a poser la.. hahaha Forgive me if I'm being a little over. All I want is to capture every great moment of myself so that I can see how active is myself when I'm old lol. Whatever pose it is. Be happy whenever and wherever you are. Enjoy yourself with the view.

Picture at Grand Palace.

Posing with the Beautiful interior at Central Embassy.

Posing at Vivienne Westwood Shoes exhibition

Posing with Kittiesss, my friendssss

Outside Central Embassy

With Karl Karl at Central World

Fatty, stop posing........


We even sneek into children's trip group photo and pose together.
Thanks teacher for being so patient with us. 

I missing Bangkok already. 
Ok, I had enough backache after writing this long post.

Hope you enjoy my craps. 

A very random Bangkok video of us taking random stuff doing random things. LOL