Sunday, 3 May 2015

OOTD - Fashion Valet

Sorry for neglecting my blog so much. I'm finally back from my work trip in China. It was really tiring >< Ok back to topic, last month I receive some vouchers from fashionvalet.com! Yea, Happy girl as usual! HAHA I'm shy to tell that, it was actually my first time shopping online! eeerrrr......I never shop online because I don't trust e-purchase. I mean I'm worried about the quality, the late delivery, the money scam. blablabla...I'm a worrisome >< But I don't think there will be a problem of clothes quality because Fashion Valet offer all designer clothing ;)

Ok thanks to Fashion Valet, I finally had my first time browsing online store. HAHA! It was indeed a good experience. Fashion Valet have so many choices which really makes me feel dilemma on what to buy!! urgh.. I hate dilemma. So after one hour of clicking here and there.... I finally choose some casual outfits for myself (I'm really lacking of casual wear).  

Ok, I have to admit it was really fun looking here and there, but it was really time consuming to browse through here and there and I can't touch here and there which I really need to touch here and there when I'm actually in a retail store. Ok, there's too many here and there. hahaha maybe I dilemma for too long >< Ok, so Fashion Valet was really efficient! I received my parcel in just 3days! HAPPY!

I have no patient in waiting so I'm really glad they work so fast!!

So here are what I bought and I could wear them to have a walk with my boyfie at the park! 

It was a perfect day to chill ! 

Got this cutie pie rainbow phone cover by Fevrier Designs.

Flap bag in brown by Sakura Malaysia

Dress by ShopatVelvet , Shoes by Cipela!

I'm done sharing my first experience in shopping online! How bout you???
Thanks Fashion Valet again! I'm happy with everything! :)))


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Lavish Spa

aaahhhhh.. How I wish I can turn back time and be back at Lavish Spa to laze around. Been neglected my blog for like a week because of all the heavy workload!! Talking about Lavish Spa, I must said that it is a good place for people who needs a short break and a runaway from all the hectic work. Last few week, I decided to treat myself a short holiday so I went to Lavish Spa which I think I should recommend to all you City people!
Ok, this is also my first time going to spa so I am full of curiosities and excitement! running, playing and keep eating is always my style to relax myself. So yes! I came to the right place to stay away from the hectic city! It is located in Farenheit, a super convenient place for all!

Before you start to relax, put all your rubbish into the locker kkkk...

And change to their relaxing attire! Ahhh this fits me perfectly!

The first thing we do are to eat when we arrived! I told you before, whenever I stress, I eat T.T
If you see me fat some day, is ok, let me beeeeeee.....

Curry MEE!!! my favorite!


These are some food we ordered. They  actually offer lots of choices in the food menu. What I can say is that, all their food taste very bery good! So don't forget to keep eating! it's all FOC!!!

Met my high school friend Xin Hui toO!

While walking to the canteen, you will walk through from the bar and pass by a cinema. Watch your movie there!!

After eating, we planned to swim! There are adult pool and children pool. So don't worry to leave your child at home. You can still bring them to Lavish Spa without sacrificing your need to relax.

I'm so gonna relax myself like a boss today.

So two stupid had finally jump into the pool! ahhh so refreshing!!!! 

Enjoy my time in the water so much!
Cole brought his Gopro, which is so convenient to take picture from dry to wet place. happy na˜˜˜˜

As I always say, I'm a sea creature lolll

Guess what kind of sea creature is this? ahhahhaa

If you feel thirsty, you can drink water in the water too -.-
what am i saying?

Also, if you don't like to swim, you can still sit at this chair beside the pool to look at hemsem guy and pritti gal... Slurrrrpppp...

Hey hemsemmm who you texting? mind me give you my number???

Then is time to enjoy the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room at the ladies area!

There is very convenient with all these towels, slippers, bathrobes, etc...

Put your phone into the locker if you dont want them to get wet!

Very big mirror for you to dress up yourself after the wet treatment.

Sauna..... I blur out the sexy girl inside ... heheeeeee
Ok, I gonna go enjoy my time in there. BYE!

After all the treatment, they are very thoughtful! all kind of products you need are in there ! makeup remover, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, hair dryer, lens solution and blablabla apa apa you need! Maybe you should just come naked ><

Found this fatty hiding at the resting room after the Jacuzzi. This is a place where you can rest yourself or even sleep for a night. each of the sofa bed have a computer for you to access the internet. Or if you are thirsty, just order yourself a drink.

Nail treatment can be find in Lavish Spa also!

Choose your rainbow colors here!

Enjoyed my massage time before I go home!
It is really comfortable as their massage techniques are really good good!!!

feeling total relax after my massage! I feel as flexible as a snake now. hahaha

We also had our supper before we went home. Sat beside the pool and enjoying the chilly windy weather. I really don't want to go home. But I ciao because I need to work on the next morning. But if you want to sleep here, it's definitely fine! Because what you pay is for 24hours service!

Oh ya, if you can see, opposite me is gym room. You can come exercise too if you like to!

Overall I really enjoyed everything. I feel like I'm total a lazy people in there as they really serve you like a Queen. I thought it is really a thoughtful business for all the city people. You can play with your friends or bring your family for a short break anytime because it is just in the town! Save up all your flight ticket or plan at overseas and you can still have your quality time with friends and family.

what I love the most, is the swimming pool as I really love the feeling in the water and it is big enough for me to be a mermaid. So relax! HAHA
How bout you? Have you tried it yet? Tell me which part of Lavish Spa is your favorite??

If you haven try it, here's some details you should know:
Location: (5th Floor, Inside Fahrenheit88 Mall, KL)
Address : Lot No. Lot 5-02 - 5-03 fahrenheit88 Mall 179 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur,Federal Territory,55100

Contact : 03-21485888

Weekdays price:
Ladies - RM48
Gents - RM68

Weekend Price:
Ladies - RM78
Gents - RM98

After all the glam boss time, you look like this. HAHAHAHHA

Thanks Lavish Spa, I had a fun day!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

7 kickass ways to eat potato crisps

Potato chips are one of the all time snacks that every family should have. It can be served to guests or even to stop a crying child in the house. I actually don't eat much snack because I think snacks are too oily and causes me headache most of the time. 

But there's always an exception. 

If you think eating potato chips is boring, here are 7 kick ass ways to eat them to make your life even more exciting! HAHA

1. Roll it into your California Roll!!
Taste with the sushi rice and vege... SO YUM!!!

2. Serve your guests with potato chips sushi! 
suggest to eat asap if not no more crunchy crunchy o!

Seeing me eat, i'm sure you feel like eating too HAHA

3. Prank your friend with potato chips served with wasabi! AHHA
ask him to close his eyes and tell him you have something nice for him to eat! 

Ouchhhhh it seems so spicyyyyyyy.. I'm sorry but I'm satisfied to prank you HAHHAHAHA

4. Challenge your friend to how many pieces of chips they can eat at once.
suggest to insert all flavours at once so it taste more exciting!

5. Use your chips as a spoon for ice cream!
It is fun and your ice cream taste better with some crunchiness.

 mmmmmm nom nom nom

6.  Play "food face challenge" with your friends!
It's so funny when you put the chips on your friend's forehead and see their stupid expression trying to move the chips to the mouth! HAHA TRY IT!!!

7. Dress yourself up and watch your prince charming in your favourite drama!
How relaxing! It's like eating potato chips with your prince! HAHA


That's all I can think of how to eat potato chips in kick ass ways!
Do you think you can think of any way better than me? TELL ME!!!

Just so you know, the potato chips I'm currently munching now is Perfecto. It uses natural ingredients and different from other brands, there is more garnishing on top. There are 3 different flavours which is Sour Cream & Chives, Chilli & Spice Infusion, Natural Sea Salt! Love all of them!!

mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom 

check out more of Perfecto here: