Monday, 9 September 2013


BellO! I am getting crazy by looking at people in NYC keep posting pictures of the happening fashion week now!! DAMN! I am so in love with all the collections and fashion scene!!! So me myself and I also getting a little happening here just to comfort my heart la.. HAHA so I dress up myself a little with Neon!!!

I have a photo shoot today with Tongueinchic so in the same time I do my ootd here. This ancient looking house looking amazing! love it!!! Thanks to Lynn who capture pictures for me!

No idea what pose is this. Lynn directed me a sexy pose. HAHA

Simply dressing with spaghetti top, jacket, and knee length skirt. Just to add on a little dramatic with neon colors. JUST trying hard to feel the atmosphere in New York City LOL.

Forever21 spaghetti top, Spicycolor skirt, jacket from Korea, Nina Ricci bag, shoes from China, sunglasses from Bangkok.

Melly who wanting to be crazy with me too lol
I totally had so much fun today with Tongueinchic x Gap because it is a video shoot and also a photo shoot!
Stay tuned for the outcome!!!

Talking about NYC SS'14 fashion week, I had already fall in love with a few collection, these are the top 3 for me by far:
Zac Posen. I've been stalking Zac Posen in instagram for some time. His works always amaze me 0.0 Loving how he applied the volumes and crazy works to his design but yet still looking simply fabulous!!! If  I'm a woman, I will wear his design everyday! If I'm a men, I will wear dress too. LOL

I am always hoping to wear DKNY chic and sporty looking outfits! But since after the goddes Cara Delevingne did their campaign shoot, I am more crazy! This coming Spring! Bodysuits checked! Menswear-inspired blazer checked! Pastel color checked! Denim checked! Crepe Satin checked! Bandana print checked!! Sneakers checked! RITA ORA CHECKED!!! everything is.................. I'm dead!

Which fashionista doesn't want to wear Alexander Wang!? The young and fun Wang who always make the remarkable cut and bold designs is killing us. How cool to walk down the street with all his designs!? The creative way of unbottoned up to collar over a boxer were no less cheeky this season! Black trench with laser cut is killing! Creating his bold logo on this Spring collection is totally a win! He explained, the real reason for the logos on his Spring clothes was the nostalgia he feels for a time when "fashion was really fun, when there was wit and humor, and it wasn't so serious."


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Korea Day 4!

Damn annoying!!! Whenever I want to blog, there's always something happening! I'm late again for my Korea post again >.< Recently I am in diet, diet for my pimples face. not that I complain I am fat lol. So I couldn't make up my face much>.< If you see my face having a rough surface like strawberry, please forgive me, my face is curing from facial now. LOL and recently I am quite struggling with the way I blog, whether should I write like how I talk or write in a formal post. What do you think? I am more comfortable if  I write like how I talk. Do you guys think is ok??? Let me know la............... 

Back to topic! Welcome on board again!! Today we head to many many place at Jeju Island. Damn tiring!! So I will go through very fast just like how my driver rush us. The first stop is the Jeong Bang waterfall!! What so special about it?? It is the only waterfall that flow directly to the pacific ocean in Asia!!! Spot my aunty in pink camwhoring at the top picture!!!HAHAHHAHA

It has a rainbow in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for my outfit of the day. The weather is freaking unpleasant!!! Too hot and I couldn't dress up nicely anymore! I can't stand it!!! And look at that girl on the right. she seems like the main character HAHA

Video of me being stupid! Greeting from Jeong Bang Waterfall! HARO!!!!!!!
I really love this place! So chilling! So Amazing! So far the best place I like in Jeju! 

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next! We arrived at the Submarine!! Getting in lo! WUHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Ignore the ugly black roots!

Fishes and fake titanic!!!!!!!!!

Not very impressive!!! Not much fish! And it doesn't go deep enough. T.T
and it is quite pricey! It cost about RM150 for just 20mins in the sea >.<
You will definitely prefer KLCC Aquarium!!!
The pilot explained that there is not much fishes in August >.< FINE!!!

A video of us inside the submarine. all the pilot is damn friendly lol.
Ok la. at least I get to take submarine once in my life >.<

Next stop, I don't know where is this! My driver just simply drop us aside and ask us to chill at this place!
Ok, damn chilling! Because is so freaking windy! The most important part is, there is no any tourist at all!!! ONLY US!!! DAMN SYIOK!!!

Although it looks like nothing in this picture. But it feels totally insane when in real. The wind, the sunlight, the environment is totally killing me. Maybe because I like nature so much!

Listen to the wind blow. I'm dying of too chilling and too hot. LOL

 Ok so far we are at the 4th stop! and it is only 2pm!! So crazy! we only takes 4 hour to visit 4 places. Damn fast! The 4th stop is at The Folk Culture Village. Better known as Da Changjin's place. Lol you all should know Da Changjin right? At here you get to see the entire views of where Changjin (Lee Ying Ai) film her movies. A huge place to walk, your legs might break!

All the cute cute ancient houses are built at here!
Their house gate where all the ancient use. It is not just a simple gate. After hearing the story, I love Jeju even more. Alright, I will tell you thoroughly! Jeju has a name called "三多" means three things they have the most. Many woman, many stone and many wind. (direct translate from chinese lol)  You can read more at this site. And there are very famous with no robbery! no snatching! Impressive!

This is why they can just put 3 woods as their gate. These woods are called Jong Nang. They use it as an information for visitors whether the residents were at home or not. If one of three Jong-Nang placed between the Jong Ju Muk ( two large vertical stones with three holes) means there was no one at home, but the family would soon return from a neighboring area. Two Jong Nangs meant the family was visiting a neighboring town and it would be a while before they returned.  If all are places means the family was out of town for a long time. When none of the Jong Nang was placed, this meant the family was at home. So interesting! I like them!!

Each woman from long ago, has their own cooking pot and no one can touch it. During the time, one men can own a lot of wives due to the lacking quantity of man. If one men wants to divorce his wife, he need to carry her cooking pot and walk around the village so that the people knows it. How sad :(

The way they collect rain drops.

Black pig is very famous in Jeju Island too!
There are really lots of story in Jeju Island!! If you are interested, you can read it online!! I love it a lot!

Me in their ancient house acting like a writer LOL

Pretty plants!

Halo! Me and hot girls!!! LOL

After all, we went to Eco Land! Nature, Nature, and Nature! Is all about nature in Jeju Island.
Eco Land consist of 3 places to chill out and you need to take train to each place. It has 300 types of insects in it and 500 types of plants!

Along the forest with dudu train.

First stop in Ecoland. walk in the park with a bridge.

Very beautiful river and forest.
Of course, thanks to the clear sky and sunlight reflecting the peaceful forest into the river! 

Beautiful view of windmill.

The peaceful sound of Ecoland. Totally relaxing!

The 2nd stop of Eco Land. We did not go down from our train. As you can see, it is  very very super duper hot!!! No cloud at all!! Only HUGE SUN! It is a good place to picnic if it wasn't summer time. Lol

Then the last stop at Green Tea & Rose Garden. But I only see Lavender in this park! Maybe due to the too hot summer, I can't see much rose.

Bunnies and I say hI!!!!!!!!

Bridge to the park.

Horse farm at opposite the park.

Me with the HUGE MEOW MEOW!!

Very THE HOT!!!

Is too hot until my mom is so sleepy already. HAHA

Sweet daisy. just like me hahahha JUST KIDDING OK!

Last place in Jeju Island, we visited this road that called "Mysterious Road". Why is it call so?

Maybe you need to find a video in youtube la.. I can explain a bit here, just worried you don't understand me >.< This road is only about 1km long. and it is really weird! You can see the uphill slope when you are in the car, but when you stop the engine. The car can still move forward really fast which is accelerating! I don't know why. No one can explain to me >.<

What we had for dinner! Must have Ginseng Chicken in Jeju Island! As I said their eating portion is really big! We only order 3 bowl for 5 persons and the waitress said that this is not enough >.< But we really barely finish all of it. They are crazy!!!!!!

Alright!! End of today's post!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy your trip with this not so experienced tour guide (me)! LOL!
I hope I don't make you bored T.T
Up next!!! We are very very tension about my mom's losing bag!!!!! Stay tuned to know what had happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL (sounds like a drama series hahaha)