Sunday, 27 May 2012

DIY: Sexy Hair Wave

Hhhmmmm...get bored with the straight hair again? bored with curling the hair too? 
Ok, let's play with the wavy hairstyle in a slightly mature and sexy way yet still trendy with just a few easy steps.  

Firstly, seperate your hair into 4 parts.

Braid it all!

Act cute a bit while with this cute braids look. LOL

Then, use the straightener to heat your braids about 30 seconds for every parts,.
(ps: make sure your straightener is hot enough.)

Then, apply a little amount of hairspray or hair mousse to the braids.
For me, I use hair oil only as I want it to be more natural.

do it like this.

Lastly, I heat it again with hairdryer as I want it to be more long lasting.

Take off the braids and create a more natural hair waves by combing your hair with fingers only.

Tadddaaaaa....That's the overall look. A little mature yet still looking fashionable. 
Ignore my very lost face ok? Lol
Do it too if you want to own a little sexy and mature look! :-)
Tan make up might give you extra sexy point too! wink. ^.*
Hope you like this. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Monkey day.

Sorry if I had been posting so much about my daily look, so i should also post things that i've been up to right? :-) It was just another ordinary day with a bunch of my old college mates, sounds old? haha cause I had graduated since 2 years ago. So we decided to have some pot luck in Jon's house, but ended up with Domino Pizza -.-  and ya, we were actually celebrating Pei Yee and Syahmi's birthday. haha
Oh, not only 4 of them, there's still more. lol

I just thought that Silas face was hilarious. haha He always stared at people's face with his weirdo face like that. LOL

My abang, Syahmi, the birthday boy is cooking...Doesn't he looks so handsome when he is cooking? HAHAH A man who can cook is really sexxxxaaayyyyy...

This is what Abang cook, MUSHROOM! Do not look down at this dish. It was superbly good.
and it will make you sing.. "WOW! FANTASTIC BABY"  hahhahhaa...

Another staring picture of the weirdo Silas. HAHAH Love it! 

Then we head to the swimming pool. That's Pei Yee on the left side, my lou po. and the weirdo in the middle again. HAHA oh! and that's kittie at the right side, in case you can't recognize my naked face. My eyes is actually that small. lol. Don't be surprise.

Met the new friend, Jack from Paris.

Shitting face in the swimming pool.

The gang who don't swim. sitting and chatting and laughing.

Then these 3 guys bringing out 2 birthday cakes silently while they're still chatting crazily. 

Surprise to the 2 birthday peeps. 
Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to yoU~ happy birthday to you~~ Happy birthday to yoU~
 LOL. singing to my beloved abang and loupo. 

Making wish.

See how happy is my birthday girl after getting dirt on her face... hahhahahaa... 

Dirty Syahmi... 

My pretty girl.

Cheers for the night. :-)

Some trampoline time. Ezzati was really funny while she is jumping. Holding at the side and jump like a monkey. It's so funny that picture couldn't explain it! HAHHAHAHHAHHA

Imagine how high Silas jump. He is insane!!!!!!!

The 4 lonely boys that been neglected by the chit chat gang. HAHA. They think they are like the music band back to 60's. LOL

Some cam whore session. (from left: Eka, Pei Yee, and Jon.)

Silas looks funny when the 2 pictures are combined. HAHHA

My wife biting my ass!

Shout happy birthday to my girl.

That's me in pink. So this is how I act normally. I'm not as girlish or polite as you see in pictures. HAHAHA
I'm crazy, I'll bite!

ass fight

Driving without license.

Kicking your ass! yaaaaaaaaaaa piakkk!!!! 

Troll face with troll moves. Look at my stupid face. HAHA
Bare with my stupidity ok? :-)
Ok end here. xoxo! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Strawberry Tiger

 Already a week passed after i came back from Singapore to celebrate my birthday. I'm still in a lazy mood. Will blog about my birthday asap after I done editing those pictures ok? It was super fun at those days! =) Still feeling sweet and happy... =))) Thanks to all my babes who celebrated my wonderful birthday with me! ok, back to the post...Look of the day. Just thought of a little dressy the other day, put on all my favorite stuffs on my body such as topshop bralet top, gold color accessories, huge frame, pink lips, black boots, red bags. ok, all in one. I hope it doesn't looks wrong. LOL. With a touch of the fishtail hair braid, so I won't miss the little girlish look. hahhaa.. If you know me, I really don't act like a girl normally. you will find out one day! LOL! well. end of post. xoxo!  Oh ya, I got a new name from my bf, Strawberry tiger, hahhaha, why? because he said i looks like tiger, and my face surface is like strawberry... urghh..ok... that's how the blog title come. -.- 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Damn it.

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."
-gore vidal 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Style it short!

"Wow, girls with long hair is damn pretty." Yes, many guys will make a  fact like this, even girls too, i assume. Including myself too. I personally love long hair because I think I can style it into many different ways. as I spent 5 years time span to grow my really really really long hair till this length. So I choose to enjoy the outcome of my hair first till I feel like chopping it one day!

But... sometimes having such long hair is really annoying! "Really really" annoying! I bet most of the girls with long hair will agree with me, especially, butt length! it's really a bored situation to have your hair straighten and curl ,not once but multiple times. Now I really wish I  have a short hair too. LOL So i have some DIY technique to make it short. hehehe! Fast and easy! maybe 5 minutes? see below: 

First, all you need is to prepare a ribbon. It can be from a waistband from any of your dress or clothes. Reuse it and make it useful ok? If you don't have, just go and cut your house curtain. LOL kidding.

Put it under your hair.

Go around your head. tie it up on top of your forehead
and tie it up...
Slowly, slide it down to your hair behind.
Slide down some more..

Until it comes to about the end (which can really hold your entire hair), tie it up real tight..
Yes, I mean real tight!

Then, fold it in.

 and, make a knot at the top of your forehead again.

go back down and underneath your hair, tie a ribbon tightly.

Tadaaaaaaaa......... I'm done! so easy right? LOL

Side and back view.

Ok, never forget to camwhore after you've done!
Please tell me you like it. HAHAHA

end here.