Saturday, 30 July 2011


It was my last minute decision to attend Lim Kok Wing University Graduation Show. Took a GallobyThian shirt from the office and changed then for this event that is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Teresa couldn't attend for that night. So that's the reason why I'm here. Gonna watch the show!!!

Waiting for guest arrive. 

Attended with my colleague.

This year, there was 25 graduates. They were all from different country. Here they had the chance to show their designs to a packed audience comprising invited guests, family and friends of the public over the weekend at the ground floor concourse of Bangsar Shopping Centre. Let's sit down and watch the show!

Presenting The promising young designers (from left to right) Astika Hutami Suprapto of Indonesia (Most Creative in Textile),  Dulguun Purevjav of Mongolia (Most Creative in Conceptualisation), Dolly Ho from Malaysia (Most Creative Collection), Sara binti Ahmad Masdi of Malaysia (Most Creative Collection) and  Lee Ji Hee of South Korea (Most Innovative Designer) with their awards.

Spotted Kee Hua Chee and Gillian Hung as one of the guest after the show! 

Overall, It was a successful night! Congrats to all the young and talented designer! YEAH!=)

End with love! xoxo!=)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Exciting Work Trip!

About 2 weeks ago, I was busy with my work trip in Guangzhou and Thailand for 10 days with my boss, Teresa. It was so sad that I couldn't open Blogspot, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, which I always do in Malaysia. China blocked all these websites=( Imagine life without all these exciting website!!!  Ok, back to the trip, on the 1st day...I was so forgetful until I thought I didn't bring my camera when I couldn't find my camera at the airport.. I was freaking out! Teresa even told me she didn't bring camera because she thought that I would brought along. I was so sad!!! I felt like buying a camera on the spot at some Camera shop! How can my trip without camera?!??!?! I thought I should just use my Ipad to do all the shooting while at the trip..I was so sad and emo while on the airplane..Somehow, suddenly I remember I put the camera in another bag which was inside my checked-in luggage bag! Oh yeah! I was really HAPPY at this moment. Now I realize how important is my camera!!! I just can't live without camera!! I have so much stuff that I want to shoot and share it to the whole world! YEAH! =)

Hello! Covered my face with this cartoon because my face looks horrible after the whole day taking flight to China.. It was my dinner!!! Deliciously Guang Zhou spicy sour mee! Look at the color of the dish! Freaking red and freaking awesome!! Oh ya, in case you don't know what is my job. I am an assistant designer for GallobyThian, a local designer brand. Search for it! 

Here we head for the foot massage after the dinner.. LOL like so relax right? no...
We do this because we want our legs to be more energetic for the following days..We are going to walk all the time to do research on fabric and stuffs!

After the foot massage, I did this cupping therapy! Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy. It stimulates acupuncture points (meridian points) by applying glass cups to suck your skin producing blood congestion and thus stimulating that area. I feel so good after that!! Wuhoo!!! Gonna be prepared for the work war in Guang Zhou!!!

Morning BeiJing Street! Near by the place where we stay..Looking for breakfast!!

All the cute bags that are selling beside the hotel I stayed.. Thought of buying it, but don't know where should I bring it to.. Hmmmmm... 

Then we are here at out little workshop.Teresa and our tailor is disccusing about designs.

While waiting for them with their disccusion, I was looking out at the window, seeing all these kids playing rope skipping. So cute!!! You can hardly see our kids playing all this here in Malaysia already. We are all so lucky!!Appreciate it!!!

The first time I step into this busy,huge fabric building!!! It opened up my eyes!!!! OMGOSH!!!
It was so freaking huge!!!!!!! Imagine the whole Time Square in Malaysia is selling fabrics in every shop!!! There are so many floors!! People even cycle while searching for fabrics!!! WOW!!!!! It couldn't be compared with Hong Kong anymore and it is SUPER CHEAP!! It was just so WOW WOW WOW~! I think I'm like a human that just came out from the jungle!

Look at this busy place! People and cars are all around! Jam like !@#$%^&*()_+!!!
People and vehicles are all running around on the same road.. I just feel so unsafe!! Scariest traffic that i had ever seen so far! Opened my eyes again! 0.o

At the basement, every shop is just selling accessories for cloths! such as buttons, buckle, zipper, printing, etc...
Can you imagine each row of the shops is selling only buttons? and another row is selling only buckle?? goshhh... So huge!!!

Part of the buttons that i found they were really effin' cute..and you can even take each of it to be your sample! So I stole alot! muahahhahahhahha!!!

Those copycat design of branded stuff belt buckle.. This is how fake things came out in the market...
China is really awesome.. They can do whatever you want as long as you had a soft copy for them.. LOL If you ask them to design, they don't know how to do it.. They just keen in copying stuff! keke...

Look at this lacing shop... It is just part of it in one shop! Imagine there are still a lot lacing shop just selling different design lacing.. Can you imagine! they have everything you want! You just have to search it out!! 

After a long hectic fabric sourcing day, we then move our butts to this awesome vintage Japanese restaurant! 

Teresa with her naked face, still looking great! 

Part of the interior design. All the messy messy paper that wrote by customers are stacked on the wall!
Creative enough!!

Waitress pouring the awesome plum alcohol for us! Damn Good I Swear!!
The Dishes! It is simple but it taste freaking awesome! Just like you are eating the original Ramen in Tokyo. Word can't describe how good was it! OMGOSH!

Another Morning.. Wondering what's the girl doing in the picture??? HAHHAHHA...
It frightened me when I walk pass this little booth, these aunties are plucking hair for leg or face service...Just by the street... OH MY... I dare not do this just on the street.. How if someone took my picture just like this girl... argh... so shy..... hahahhahah Sorry girl for taking your interesting photo.........

Today we are heading to this Toy and Accessories stuff  Complex at Wan Ling..
Can't tell you what we are doing today.. Because it is private and confidential.. Wuahaha.. Only tell you after 2 months ok? Promise...

One of the shop that was inside the complex..They are selling all these cute vintage vehicles miniatures. Freaking cute cute cute! The price is reasonable too! =) If you like stuff like this, come here and get one! 

One of the awesome thing that I see in the Complex. I freaking fall in love with this Mary Go Round Music Box. So cute and their workmanship is so fine! gosh! I regretted that I didn't bought one of my favorite music box with a small mary go round on the spot! Am so freaking regret! Because it was on sale too..Nice price! sigh...My fate was not to get you...Wish to see you again, baby! 

Here we come to the party shop! haha.. All the stuff was so cute!!! Teresa wanted to buy animal costume for her son's 1 year old birthday! Every kids will get one of the animal cap like this: 

Bought some for all my younger cousins too.. They are just so cute with the cap on! =)
Teresa also bought a huge Bugs Bunny costume for the birthday party! Wondering who is wearing it on that day.. kekekke... 

Not talking about this shop! Look how cute is the toy on my hand! Tell you after 2 months. Hehehhehe... 

Oh ya.. I swear you will like this Iphone case shop! Lots of Iphone case shop in there.. I can't really take photos too =( So this is one of the picture that i took quietly and scolded by people! hahahaha! I have to sacrifice because I really want to show this all cute Iphone case for my readers..So cute! All of it are real swarovski! Effin' cool!!! Hope I can get one too but too bad I don't have an Iphone. LOL

Then we came to this shoes-maker place called "Bu Yun". We are making our shoes here.This is just one of the Mall that making shoes ya.. Imagine there are still a lot shoes making mall around this mall ya! Is damn crazy! Scare me off! WOW me! Sorry couldn't take photo inside, because those shoes design are all private and confidential.. too bad=( Saw a lot nice shoes.. But I can't buy it without ordering stock! =(((

After finish discussing about the shoes design, we are here at the opposite of shoes-maker place. 
Another building that opened up my eyes! OMGOSH! I never thought of seeing these much leather shop in one mall! Damn! Freaking big! They have all kind of leather! Find any leather that you want here, for sure you faint of seeing all these leather. You can even smell the leather all around the mall.. For me, I smell bbq lamb... hahahhah I don't know why.. call me a FREAK.

Look at all these leather.. Colorful, patterned, shiny leather, everything that you want,you can find it here! So cool right! 
Now I realize that is why I couldn't see leather at Zhong da.. the place that sell fabric.. Now I know=)

Eeeerrr... this picture was all real animal skin! Freaked you out or not??? 
It  was selling outside Wan Ling Complex.. I wondering how much it is... But I dare not ask them.. 
They look damn fierce.. Imagine how they killed those animals!???!! OOucchh!! Scary! 

Underground MRT.. Damn freaking lot of people! Now I know why their kids are easily lost!!!
I really can't survive if I live in China..everywhere is flooded with people! Urghhhh.....
If not because of traffic jam, we won't have to take this busy hell of MRT!

Another awesome dinner after a long day outside..Dai Wo Sushi! Effin' tasty! It was located in a shopping mall.. They even have another branch in the same shopping mall! Both of the restaurant are full with people and you need to Queue! Imagine how tasty it is! Their sushi are so fresh unlike in Malaysia........ Urghhh.. I feel so disappointed when I was back to Malaysia and ate sushi! Hope i can go to Dai Wo again!

One of my favorite dish! Salmon salad serve with grapes, green apples, fish eggs and mayonis!
Ok, words can't describe how good it tasted! Damn!
Don't forget to order one if you have a chance to go to Dai Wo! 
I am missing it so much now! Let me go back to you Dai Wo Sushi!!!!

Bought some stuff in Wan Ling today! Instant camera was one of it! I know i'm slow.. hahaha
I also bought Hello Kitty Film.. I don't know when should I use it.. I treasure the Hello Kitty film so much! No one gonna waste my Hello Kitty film by shooting themselves!!! Hmhp! so selfish.. I know.. hahahha Good night! 

Another breakfast at Zhong Da, Qing Fang Cheng.. McD with KungFu Panda! So cute!!
Well, we was doing the same things all these day in China, researching fabric for current and next season's collection..Freaking tired, but I like it.. It was so fun of seeing and discover new stuff!

Saw this scene that really makes me feel sad and shame on him. His mom was looking at fabrics, and he just tied up his kid at the trolley. I know, she just want to avoid missing her child.. But I still feel bad for her son.. He couldn't run away as how freedom as he can..and he lye down on the floor like a dog...eeerrrrrr... Not a good idea at all...

Gossip gossip magazine! Gossip girl! yeah! hahahha.. we was too bored at night until we bought these magazine to read while enjoying our dinner=)))

The China food! Wuhoo!!! Freaking awesome la!!! You guys must try it if you have a chance to be at China... Especially those bbq stuff that is selling beside the road! oh gosh! How I wish Malaysia have it too!!!

Another exciting moment I have! Chinchilla pet shop!!! Never thought that this pet would exist..
LOL I'm so outdated! I know!!!

Chinchilla's photo wall!! 

Gosh!! Cute like............................!@#$%^&*()_+!!!!!!!!!!!
Too bad, we couldn't buy it.. Cause they had no license to bring it out to our country=(((
Bye "Long Mao"!!

Well... I only left all the picture with food with me that in China to share now..hahah
Don't mind me to share it k?? =)  
The Vietnam food that was located at Beijing street! For our breakfast! Their dishes were really big in portion!
I ordered this duck noodle and I really can't finish it!!! Damn!!! Wasted!!! Their food is quite good too.. Yummy enough! =)

Dishes that you will never find in China! Home cook from our tailor's wife!!! 
Super duper nice! 100marks for her!!! My saliva is gonna leak again! Damn! I MISS YOU!!!

Another thing you must try in Guangzhou! People are selling Laici and Cherry everywhere on the road.. 
I think it was kinda famous fruit for them?? What a huge Laici! and the Cherry looking  fresh!!!
These two fruits tastes freaking good!! Juicy and sweet enough!!! I like it so much! Bring me back to Guangzhou now please.........

Last thing that I really want to talk about.. hahha.. Look at the picture..The weather is so hot! 
Till this man is taking off his shirt while walking.. Damn! I think it was so gross... I don't know how they survive at this kind of place.. people spitting everywhere, guys taking off their shirt everywhere, talking loudy everywhere, drive like a cow everywhere! I will be mad if I live in China everyday! That's why I saw all the poster in China was saying about creating a civilized community..

Here I end my 6days of work trip in Guangzhou! 

Turned to Bangkok!!!

In a super fancy mood in Bangkok! 
I have not much photos in Bangkok..What I can say about Bangkok is,this is an AWESOME COUNTRY! 
I like it! everything there were so inspiring! Beautiful people, handsome people, polite people, Nice architecture, colorful taxi, beautiful art, nice food, nice shopping mall, nice fashion..... Everything was just so great for them i guess? I never know why my friends like to travel at Bangkok so much until I experience myself! It was awesome, not joking! I wish to go there again and again! Love Thailand!!! =)

Oh ya, the reason we were here was to do T-shirt printing and accessories! I can say that the accessories for this season is awesomely good! Stay tuned k! 

One of the impressive local accessories shop I went in Siam Center. They are really talented with their awesome designs! Everything in the shop was so tempting! Teresa was successfully seduced by two of the accessories and she bought it! Omgosh! It was really expensive though.. but worth it for the design! =)

The awesome Siam Center which all the local designer was in it! 
I was so impressed by all the designer's clothes in there.. 
Too bad I can't get to take photograph inside. Sorry! 

The creative bra shape ice-cream scoop I see on the road! 
Now you can imagine how creative are they in their architecture and interior design! 

The sexy back buying bread! Too bad "she" was a guy. haha

The dogs beggar  gathering. haha

Spotted a handsome Thai guy! hahahhaha...I thought of someone when I saw him! This picture is specially shoot for someone.. kekeke...

The Thai hot and spicy food! ARGH! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 

The awesome Thai party people!!!

It was a pleasure for me to know them. They were all the awesome designer and marketing people from Kloset, a Thai fashion brand. We are actually celebrating their joyful earn of  1.6million for the month! Imagine how well they doing in Thailand! They are a really famous brand in Thailand! Every girl wants to own a piece from them! The whole Siam street is selling piracy version of their designs! Even worst, the whole Platinum Mall is selling their fake designs too! I can also see their fabric prints are being copied and sold at China fabric place! Think how well they are doing in Bangkok!! Impressive! Search them here: Kloset ! 

Here I end my 4days trip in Thailand!! Yeah!! It was such a huge pleasure for me to explore the world in China and Thailand. Thanks a lot to my company GallobyThian..and also Teresa, the designer who take care of me for these 10 days, bringing me to explore all the interesting places and taught me lots of stuff in this fashion industry! I will always bare it in my mind=)

Ends here. Hope you enjoyed reading=)