Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jonathan Liang ss'13 - Elixirs

Hola! Jonathan Liang SS'13 in the house! Attended his show few days ago at White Box Publika, it was awesome! If you like something very fantasy and dreamy, you will definitely fall in love with the show and collection! 

Doing preparation in Neuf at Publika, my friend's new shop.
Me and Martin in the picture. =)

At the entrance. It was so crowded and happening because it's Jonathan Liang's show! 0.0
Malaysia's designer that is based in Paris.

Gracey and me! =)

Attended with all lovely babes...
From left: Chow, Debbie, PeiYee, JinTham, Martin

Me and the main character of the night, Jonathan Liang.

and another beloved friend and designer, Silas Liew.

The crowd! Wuhoooooo.. Looking for their own seat. Everyone have their own name on the chair.

The lights was purple and pink on that night. Look how pinkish are us. -.-

Random camwhore. ignore my fats...

My gorgeous lovers...

Spotted Silas Liew's leopard shoes with fancy socks. haha
Not an usual him. 

Show starts. The runway lit brightly in white 

Let the pictures do the talking again:
Sorry for the bad quality photos, was having some technical problems. -.-

Isn't every pieces looks great!?The collection entitled 'Elixirs' are totally a collection for a wide audience.His collection are youthful,playful and also a touch of sexiness. Additional  point for him because his runway music was really good, and it feels so dreamy while watching his model's walking down the runway. It totally brings us to another mystery yet dreamy little flower garden.

Jonathan Liang, the label examines the derivation of women into their raw sensual selves. A dreamer's expression of the feminine form free from embellishment, Jonathan Liang emphasizes on the creation of pieces that are aesthetically simple yet are juxtaposed against the daily flow of visual clutter. With fashion that evokes a sense of impeccable workmanship featuring fabrics sources from Japan and Italy, Jonathan Liang provides the modern woman with adaptable, provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-à-porter collections that are intimate, lustrous and effortless.

Check out his Website:

The designer. I'm too far to take his picture. -.-

Beloved lecturer, Rogie Muh! <3

The after party at Social, Publika.

Some vain picture again after the show. with babe Jin.

Babe Chow.

Thanks to the photographer, JinTham, we were over posed. LOL

Posing with lovers/bitches.

Posing again.

and again! 

Last one! Trying to be Superman's wife, Superwoman. If you don't get it, it is because of Superman wears his underwear outside whereas the Superwoman wears her bra outside. LOL very lame, I know.

Look of the day:
Bodysuit - H&M x MMM
Skirt - Jonathan Liang
Perspex Heels - H&M x MMM
Gold necklace - Vincci
Clutch - Eight

Bye love! xoxo!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

SilasLiew & JoeChia 's Show

It always felt amazing to get to watch Malaysia's very talented fashion designer's show and they never fail to surprise us with their collection. Congrats to Silas Liew and Joe Chia that just recently held their fashion show at the White Box, Publika. It was a really great show and the atmosphere never make us bored. Everything was nicely arranged on that night. It feels really comfortable =)

Me and Chow. Done preparation.
Sorry picture blurrrrrrr...

The well dress people...only chow in colored haha
From left: Roger, Milla, Jin Tham, Chow, Lewis.

Meet my awesome friend, Silas Liew, Designer of the day.

Joe Chia in interview.

My twins, Jin Tham and Nelson Tham =)

Isn't the setting and the atmosphere cool???

Meet the long lost lovely friend/designer, Alan Ooi and Man Chien. =)

and my two lovely ex-classmate. Hearts them! <3

fashion people! 

Here Silas Liew's show start! Love the setting, everyone is at the front row!

Let the pictures do the talking.

Sorry I just got to confess that I really love this piece. #IWANT!
Not to forget the beautiful accessories on Silas Liew's collection are sponsor by Eight.
The designer, Silas Liew. Sorry for taking this when you posing weirdly. hahaha
I don't have a proper photo of you already. -.-

Silas Liew debuts his eponymous womenswear label this Spring Summer 2012 season with somewhat of a departure from the usual. After designing menswear for 2 years, he presents a seasonal collection specifically for the South East Asian market. Embodying everything that is exciting about the modern Asian woman, his new womenswear label is as much about freesom of expression as it is comfort and accessibility.

The Spring Summer 2013 collection is inspired by supermarkets, cereal boxes, and 80's cartoons. There is a deliberate slouchiness and nostalgia to the oversized t-shirt and undergarment-inspired pieces rendered in the supplest lambskin leather and snakeskin. The colours are definite nod to poster and skateboarding graphics of the 80's, bordering on the acidic at times. This collection also bears reference to 90's street culture and the more relaxed nature of clothing at the time.

his collection will be available soon but has yet to be announced the date and places.

Next is Joe Chia!

Can't get a nice picture of the designer coming out again because he walk too fast. -.-
Blurrrrr... Sorry!

JoeChia's group picture. Every pieces is LOVE! Also not forgetting that all the accessories on JoeChia's collection are sponsor by Lah'Lah'Land and ActuallyKL

Joe's collection was highly inspired by travels, cultures and architecture, the label brings forward the concept of simplicity with a twist of edge to form unpredictable meticulous details within structural silhouettes. With intentions of writing a story through clothes, each collection runs by chapter, from one onto the next with a flow of continuation with subtle evolutions evident in every development of a new chapter. With the very existence of the different cultures, identities and political issues in our world today, the collection brings a literal translation of the 'what will be at the world's end' vision. It is totally effortless!!! Wear it or not, you decide! =) 

More Info about Joe Chia:

Chow and JoeChia.

Vain people camwhore, with babe Damian.

With lovely Chow. <3

Unknown expression. -.-

With amazing model, Shir Chong.

Babe Ezzati! 

Kittie Meow. Lol
Outfits of the day:
Dress - H&M x MMM
Huge pink candy clutch - H&M x MMM
Earring - Janelle
Shoes - China

Ended with some silly photos.
We was trying to take a picture with the busy talking designer, Silas Liew.
I apologize if I interrupt you guys conversation! 0.O