Monday, 24 July 2017


“You better run run run run run”

So coincidentally, I am listening to Girls Generation’s “Run Devil Run” while blogging this post. It reminds me of how I use to run a lot in my schooling day. I actually a representative to run for Merentas Desa. Sniff* That’s why my legs are muscular la…ahemmm.

I enjoy running a lot, it helps me stay healthy and also stress releasing. Nowadays I only run in the gym due to safety. I miss running outdoor! Do you feel the same as me?

Thank god there’s plenty of running events happening around Malaysia now. Run in a group, that’s what I always do in school. We give each other motivation and share the fun time together!

For your information, a great running event is happening soon! It’s MYBUDDIES RUN! MYBUDDIES RUN NEGARAKU is one of the official National Day event that gathers all Malaysian from every walk of life in the spirit of unity and solidarity for the nation. It is organized by MYNIC in collaboration with KKMM. It started with Larian Sehati Sejiwa 2015 and MYBUDDIES RUN 2016, it has brought more than 18,000 participants from avid and professional runners for this healthy lifestyle event.

There must be something crazy going on on that day, there are RM60,000 total worth of prizes to be won! What are you still waiting? 0.0

Below is the package! Make sure you bring your friends so you can save up!

21 KM – RM 100
10 KM – RM 85
05 KM – RM 75
Package 5km x 4 pax – RM 280

Thoughtful 2 sets of race tee!, I like!

Race medal! Ok I feels like I’m already win if I am wearing this. Haha

Seriously, join now! Time to get some fresh air besides playing phone on the weekends !

For more details and registration, please visit:

Facebook and Instagram: MYBUDDIES


Have a great time!!!


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