Saturday, 14 May 2011

Birthday Pressie=)

Sorry for the late post! I just came back from Bali! to celebrate my 21st birthday!
and it's awesome!!
I need some time to blog about it...
So i only want to show off my pressie now. which is really a short post. hehe...

Well, i only got 3 presents this year. but, I REALLY LIKE IT!
Hello Kitty Perfume from my babe Jean Teoh,
Love it because this is what i wondering to buy last time!
It is so cute and sweet!
Marc Jacob Daisy Perfume which i really like because it is red??HAHA
No la, because it smell so good ok! not too girlish, not too manly!! Suits me!!!!
from the lovely gang, Brian,Sook,Just, and Daniel!
And then, the iPad2 with Red Cover from THE SUPER DUPER LOVE CHOW!!!!
Awesome! Thanks for all the pressies!!!!!

And ofcourse, thanks to everyone who appear in my birthday! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Especially the surprise in Bali!
I have an awesome 21st Birthday!!!!

Look how happy i am!!!
Stay tune for the Unsurprising Bali Surprise Party Post!!
It's Funny!

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