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BALI Day 1 (The Unsurprised Surprise)

Muahahahhahahhaha.. SORRY for the super late post about my bali trip!I APOLOGIZE! My BAD!!=))))
Okie, this is gonna be a long long post....I'm not sure whether I want to seperate it into a few post or in one post. I don't know yet! urghhh there are just too much of pictures!!!! D-I-E!!!
This year, I decided to celebrate my 21st birthday at Bali... 
Here I start the trip! From Kepong Komuter to the LCCT Airport...  

and here is the look of the day. 
Very Casual! 
my favorite Minnie Mouse T-shirt pair with an Aladdin pants.
and a little polka dots hair band. Love it!

Had Burger King before we heading to BALI! 
 Loving this picture!<3
It's our very own 2 person trip.. How sweet right...??

 And of course, I had my favorite Ribena before I depart to Bali!
I am gonna miss you!!!

 Very tiring on that day..Lack of sleeping because of doing mother's day card last night.
oh ya! my last trip was to Hong Kong,
so i wore a Hong Kong shirt to Bali.
I guess i will be wearing Bali T-shirt for my next trip. WUAHA!

The Cloud of Bali!
Can you imagine how windy and nice weather at their place!?
Oh ya, before we reach the villa, i have a secret to tell..
that i actually knew that a gang of my friends are going to surprise me at Bali..
They thought I didn't know they were going.. but somehow i found out myself. hahahhaha
Can't wait!

Watch the unsurprised surprise video here ;)
Well, although it failed here, but.. it does make me happy when i found it at first! 
I not going to tell how did I found out, because you will laugh at my bf!
 but i am really really happy when i found out...
And i don't know who should I tell..and I really want to see the surprise so much, so I kept it as a huge secret! So I just keep screaming to myself in the bedroom, 
and keep rolling and rolling and rolling on the bed..TOTALLY STUNNED!!
Until now, I still can taste the happiness=) 
Oh ya, it was my boyfriend's idea, Thanks to him and also all my friends that make their effort to be there at my 21st birthday!

ok.. Let's continue the post.=)
Look at our Villa. This is just part of the view to the dining room.
Nice right?!

Our swimming pool !!!=))
this is my most favorite in the Villa!!!

The corridor to the living room=)
Oopsss forgot the shots at the living room!sorry... ;)
I will show u the room one by one later k ..

 Chilling at the living room waiting for the planner to plan... 
Oh ya, the Mat Salleh is the owner of the villa!

Look at Brian, he was so happy when he found out he can online in the Villa!

Sook yee's very 1st beauty shots. haha


Ok, after chilling, we decided to jump into the pool! 

Celebrating the 1st day of arriving in Bali!

Rin and Pei Yee trying to do jumping shot. but failed. hahhahaha

The very sweet and hot Brian! 
Our swimming pool beauty shots! sexay! wooots!

my love =) Loving my tan skin here. Gold color leh...... lighting problem... How i wish i can have a gold color skin=(

We were trying to make our hair stand.. hahhahaha
sad sookyee.. hair too soft. can't stand at all.. 

After that, Sook became so angry and turning to Transfomer/Godzilla/Robot/Dinosaur.......AHHAHAHHA
(just to emphasize the water effect from sook's body.. hahahha)

Then she jump out from the water like a crocodile and try to eat us.. 
arghhhhhhh~~~~~~ So scare~~~~~ shaking***

But my Abang Syahmi was so chill on the bed beside the swimming pool..
smoke like he is in the heaven.. LOL
Don't even want to watch us to be eaten by Sook. 

After the swimming session, we going out to hunt for dinner!
Love this picture, because can't see the lovely monster face Sook.. so mean.. hahhaha ( Sook, Don't kill me! )

It's a scary night..because the road to the city from our Villa is SO DARK!
We have to walk with torchlight and step on those muddy ground just to get our dinner..

The beautiful wonderful gorgeous lesbian partner.. very lovely =)
I'm just kidding!

Here are we at the Made's Warung.. They have all kind of  food..super super delicious!
I still can taste the green curry in my mouth that I order on that night!

The rumors... kidding again! haha.. is my beloved Sook ah Yee & Abang Syahmi! <3

One of the famous performance in Indonesia..Very impress with their rolling eyes dance.. hahahha
Sorry didnt take much photo in that dinner place, too busy eating...

After dinner, here we came to this awesome building.. Look above the shop..They used all the vintage door and window to be built as the wall...how creative right......
but.. it's actually a big huge wonderful bar for all the foreigner especially mat salleh..
That's why they have a lot of guards outside who is holding guns before we enter the place..
Very strict!!

Damn cool inside...with a huge swimming pool beside the beach! Damn chilling !!
Oh ya, this awesome place called POTATO HEAD! What a cute name...

and then here we saw a monkey posing in the fountain....so cute right!? hahahahha

Group photos at the beach! =)

Ok, here we end our 1st day in Bali.. Very boring, i know! hahaha.. Because we want to chill first before we head for adventures tomorrow! woots! stay tuned for the next post! BALI PART 2! 

Oh ya! We watch football after the chilling session outside! Man Utd and Chelsea!!!
In our living room! with a big screen projector! and a super model posing in front of  the screen.. bahahhahahha

see ya in the next post! xoxo! =)

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