Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bali (Ending!)

Morning people! Omgosh..Can't believe that I'm still blogging about my Bali Trip.. and soon I am going to China and Thailand for my work trip..I must finish Bali blog post before I leave Malaysia!! Imagine how lazy I am.. Urghhh.......and I decided to blog 3rd, 4th, 5th day in one post since Brian ask me to do so....hhmmm...

Good Morning again! It's the 3rd day of Bali!
Wearing my super favorite jeans jumpsuits from Zara! My forever love!
Jumpsuits make me happy always! Teeheee=)
Because it reminds me of my childhood..I always beg my mom to buy a jumpsuits for me but it is so expensive at that time.. I don't know why=( 

My Abang! 

LOL.. showing sad face after breakfast because the weather is just too hot!
and I started to complain about my jumpsuits is making me so hot!

After the change,top from Cheap Monday, and I tied up my hair! Love the hair that tied is up by my sweety Brian, show you later!How I wish he is here now to play my hair like a barbie doll.. too bad he is in overseas!
Oh.. forgot to tell that we are heading to Ubud today! Not doing anything hectic today, just enjoying walking around and eat eat eat in Bali! 

My lou po want hug hug.. 

Ok.. here we are in Ubud.. Wondering what is in Ubud??

Check out this video:

Boring video, just wanted to show you what is in Ubud street!=)

My babe and I

Ok, Sook Yee bought this in really cheap price...Discount like 70% i guess?

After Ubud, we came to this Bebek Bengil, Dirty Duck Diner to have lunch! Freaking awesome fried duck rice they have! 

The view inside the lunch place.. very nice! 

Look! The little duck rice served with one slice of watermelon... 

Rin can't fit in our table.. eating alone on the seat.. hahhahaha.. sad for her..

Camwhore after lunch!

At the paddy field in the lunch place.. 

Sook's eyebrow is growing!! do you noticed!?

Again... LOL

Then here we came to the beach.. I should name this picture as "Sunset and Sookyee"..
Look how lonely is she.. hahahhahaha


Then this is so exciting for me! I always wanted to do fully braided hair but I can't find a cheaper price in Malaysia! So I am so lucky to meet this aunty! We cut out her price from 250,000 Rupiah to 100,000 which is RM35 only! So cheap right!?!?!? I know!! and it only takes 15minutes to finish! Imagine how fast they are!

The outcome! Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaa..... Super like!!!

Teeheeeee... Sook is so happy for me too! Look at her face! hahah

The beach... Full of people! 

Time to party!! we are heading to the club in  Kuta. 

My love=)

Party people! We did not enjoy that night.. because the music in the club was not that great.. Or maybe we are too tired? hahha I don't know.. but the drinks there is weird.. I don't know how to describe.. and their alcohol is served with a bottle like what we bring to school last time...ermmm.. weird....Oh ya, we did try the magic "food" there! and Sook yee was getting paranoid after that.. kind of drunk too?

After all, we went back to our villa and it's 3 something in the midnight! I jump into the swimming pool and swim alone.. They think I'm crazy.. but it was so freaking relaxing! I just love it!  End with the 3rd day here, is kinda boring? hahahah because i didn't do anything exciting, just walk around and clubling~!

The next day, here comes our exciting day! We are heading to water rafting!!!

Before we reach water rafting.. we visit these puppies at a village...

Then here we are at our rafting place... Look at this awesome sport in these videos below:
Here we are at the waterfall! We were the happy ones!!! YEAH!! How bout you ?

Our group leader! Camera-man.

Group shot with the team and leaders! sorry for the blur picture..eerrrr

Then here, the pretty girl bathing! 

And then the animal bathing. hahahhaha

After that, we are back to our villa and prepare for the sunset dinner!!

Camwhore with boyfriend and girlfriend while waiting for our driver to arrive!

and doing some yoga with my wife.. hahhaha

Here is the Sunset Dinner Restaurant at Jimbaran! 
Too bad! our driver is late! We arrived at night! hmph! 
Can't see the sunset here anymore!! gggrrrrrr.....;(
Ok, before you enter the restaurant, you need to wear a flower on your ear that is prepared by them.. 
either guy or girl.. hahhahahhaha Look how cute we all!!! Yeah!

The two hilarious people.. haha

Both of my lovely man and girl=)

And you get to choose your favorite seafood to cook by the chef! 

BBQ fish in 1 of our dishes.. SO SORRY!!! I was so busy eating and hungry, so I forgot to take others picture.. beside this little fish.. hahhahahahhaha Sorry! yummm yummm!!!

The Gang! =) sorry, picture quality was bad! my camera sucks!

After the dinner...we did jump shots at the beach as usual!
 That was so funny when my jumpsuit makes me so fat while I am jumping! LOL

My love again! =)

After the dinner, we are here at "The Vie Spa"!!!

Washing legs before we head for massage!!!=)

After massaging.. rose bath=)))) How relaxing!!!

Then I am back to my glamour swimming pool at the last night of Bali! Oh ya, in case you want to know how i keep my make up from smudging in the swimming pool.. Here I am to tell you how.. Basically, I just don't bother my face much.. Because the eye make up is just so important right!!!??! Don't rub your eyes  when you come out from the water..You must only tap on your own eyes a few times..the water will dry off from your eyes after that..By the way.. I  am using Cyber Color Gel Eyeliner, (a brand from japan). and  also mascara from Maybeline "The Magnum Volume Express" which really stays and work on my eyes when I am in the water.. It won't smudge or what.. It is just so good..To compare with some other brands of eyeliner that I use last time, it was really sucks! So I am glad to find a right eye liner to apply when I going to the beach! I can make up now!!! Oh ya, just to telling you that i using Laura Mercier powder.. it was awesome too in the water!! Just a few simple ways to make your make up stay in swimming pool.. Why don't you try too?=)

Then the gang is joining me swimming  like crazy people!!! 

Another Morning, time to head back to Malaysia! Our handsome chef is still busy preparing breakfast for us! I am so gonna miss this chef!! His cook is just so nice! Most importantly, he is a nice guy!!!!

Me and the owner of the villa...

Going to miss all this view from the Villa Nani at below:

Thanks for the awesome villa that make us feel extra comfortable and relax at Bali! Yeah=)

Collecting all those Rupiah coins just to buy just a scoop of Baskin Robin at Bali Airport! 
Just trying to finish all the Rupiah at here!=)

Here, I end my entire trip at Bali! Freaking awesome trip! It won't be nice without all my friends!! You guys make this trip happened! Thanks alot!!=) and also.. Sorry that i used such a long time to update all the Bali post! SORRY!=(

Thanks for reading=)


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