Tuesday, 25 October 2011

hairy moment

"OMG!? Did you just chop off you long long hair!??!?!" many people asking.. HAHHAHHA

Well, I actually wanted to learn Beyonce's hair in the "Countdown" video..Too bad! I tried! my hair is too long to do it !  Fine! I give up! I'll do it next time ok? for sure!! 

Look at her sexy lips..She was singing "i must be with YOUUU!!!~~~~~~~~" at this part.. HAHAHA
This was the hairstyle I was saying!

Then! I chop off my hair!!!!

OooopPPppsss.. I WAS LYING! I did not chop off my lovely precious hair!!
HHHAHAHA SORRY That I'm being playful! I will never never chop off my hair unless my hair is burn!

It was a wig! oh yeaahhhhhh~~~
I feel so cute with my wig! Oh pleasee... HAHHAHAHA
bare with my camwhoring...

Showing off my cute cute new ipad cover! Lovessssss

OK, enough with my short hair cam-whore! After trying this wig, I really prefer myself in long hair!!!
Even I want a short hair, I will just buy myself a short wig! Because I just love how messy and long is my hair..Muacksssssssssss 

Love my messy long hair! actually you can feel it is like a broom when you touch it! HAHAHA
Didn't do any hair treatment for like how many years already! OOPSSS!!! Shame on me!

Always prefer long hair because I can act SEXXAAAY!!!!! HAHHAHA 

Can even act younger with my hair braids too! I always wanted to be young! This is what I going to do when I'm old I guess?? eeewwwwww HAHHAA

Can act cool too! Oh gosh! I love rock style!!!

Found this picture in one of the fashion book! So cool with her heels posing like this! 

Trying to do!!! Before wearing heels.. can touch the floor with my balm.. 

After wearing heels... Only can touch the floor with my fingertip..hahha
It is so hardddddddddddddddd.......

stare at this picture for 10seconds pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!! 
HAHHAHAHHA Spoiled the feeling of the picture! ooppss!
Joined this two picture's with GIF already! HAHAHAH SORRY! It looks so funny! 

End with my lame-ness! 

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