Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hello lovers! How's your day going lately??? It has been a busy busy month for me and I almost thrown up! Last month, I am happy to share that Minkpink from Australia had finally came to Malaysia! They are now selling hot in Isetan KLCC! This well known brand in Australia totally caught my heart when I first saw most of the pieces are so me! and I'm like, yay! something trendy, colorful and comfortable for me at last! As you know I only wear comfy outfits in my usual days because I'm too hyperactive, I need to run everywhere upside down. (you can see from my pictures later >.<) haha my boyfriend don't even want to care about me now.

I wore most of the awesome pieces and thought of showing you how I had fun playing mix and match  with the garment and accessories. and a little tips for you, printed clothes is one of the necessary piece in every stylist wardrobe now according to the global style research. I've plan to walk around KL city so that you can see how beautiful is MinkPink clothes to match with our awesome city at the same time! From basic printed tee to long printed beach dress, from Jalan Alor alley to KLCC Twin Towers and from morning till night.  I can't imagine that I had walk so much that day, and I swear it is very very super tiring. So, why don't you take a look to those beautiful outfits and view now?

How is it? Tell me which is your favorite piece! :-))))

To celebrate the new launch of Restyle x Minkpink in Isetan KLCC, they are now having 10% off for every customers. Of course, with my name mention "kittieyiyi", you will get extra 5% discount in your purchase. All you need to do is just to fill up the survey form at Minkpink counter. I will also be there every Friday to serve you from 3pm - 7pm just in case you do not know how to style yourself. If you are not around KL and you wish to have something from Minkpink, you can always email me at So...get ready for your shopping fees! HAHA!

Hope you like them as much as I like them too!

For more info, please visit:

Official website:

Minkpink Malaysia fb: Restyle x Minkpink
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Instagram: @official_minkpink

Photo credits
Photographer: Aunshots / insta: aunchua
Makeup Artist: ColeTmakeup / insta: cole0725

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Angeline Seah said...

Was stumbled upon your blog =) And I found that you are really a unique fashion blogger in your own way!! Love how you pose and those facial expressions haha!!