Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Trying out Estee Lauder makeup!

HOLA!!! Always had to say sorry because I update my blog so slow!! :-( How have you girls been!?!? Hope you all are doing fine! I am so busy with my new collection now! Stay tuned! Ok, will do a quick update now!

 Last week, I went to Estee Lauder booth to try out their New pure color envy shine lipstick! I heard a lot of good comments about this lipstick. So ya, as expected the lipstick is as elegant as Estee Lauder girl will always be. Those colors they have now are all specially made for Asians ! So natural and yet so moisture! Your lips will never ever be dry even you use it everyday because the lipstick itself have tons of hydration! Ok, maybe you should watch the video for better understand. Also, I had make a 5 step face of Estee Lauder to show you girls.

Just a short makeup tutorial, hope you girls love it!
(first attempt to speak in English, please be kind T.T)

Also, check out their site to see how to stand a chance to win their envy shine lipstick!!

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