Sunday, 28 September 2014

Medium Rare Store

Yeah!! I finally found some colorful socks that I really love! Fun and cheeky, definitely my style!
If you looking for good quality and fun socks in town. Medium Rare Store is one of the choice!
Designed by their very own designer, everything is perfectly made.

Medium Rare Store is a unisex's outfit store dedicated to style-aware grown up kid who need to put on age-appropriate outfit but refuse to compromise their fun-loving spirit, who love their look as a juicy, moist, luscious, soft, tender, mouthwatering, appetizing, tasty, delicious medium rare steak instead of thoroughly brown and chewy well done one.

You can now grab it at their stockist:
LahLahLand, Sungei Wang KL.
Bev C, Johor.
Three Little Bird Cafe, Desa Park City

For more information:
Instagram: mediumrarestore

Stay tuned for the official launch on 29th of September!

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