Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Swim with Mr.Shark

Most of the people know that I'm a sea creature... No la haha I mean I like playing with water especially swimming time.. I could stay in the water forever because I love how calm it is underwater. But...meeting with my own friends ( sea creatures ) is another story. 

But sometimes sea creatures are a bit scary la.. cause you don't know what they think.. is like they are going to attack you :( I also kind of have jellyfish phobia due to all the scary jellyfish bite from the news.. It cause people died!

Most of the time I think I'm quite Kia si. Kia si of dog/shark attack, Kia si of gas boom when cooking, Kia si of knife when cutting watermelon. These are all from my previous bad experience la... That's why. So imagine Kia si me actually agreed to take on this challenge to swim with the shark.. It is a very big step for me! But I still like to challenge myself for doing many different things. So that I can always improve myself and overcome all sorts of difficulties instead or running away from it.

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And just when I was deciding to do something about it, I was given an opportunity by P1 to experience shark dive. Omgadddd sounds scary right. The moment I got the news I was like so happy because this would be the game-changer of my phobia, but yet I can’t help to be nervous. I'm thinking how if I bite by the shark. How if I only left one hand. How if Cole (tag along uncle) no more hands. How if my gas tank spoil underwater. Non stop thinking stupid stuffs that makes me being worrisome for the entire month before the diving.

Even though diving is kind of scary but it makes me even more tempted to challenge myself and change my game. I never want to miss a single chance to experience new thing in my life! To achieve a goal is to bring satisfaction and happy in life! If I get through this cage rage, I will definitely go for the real scuba diving in future already!!! YEAH!!!

 The night before the actual day – Cole and I tried to prepare ourselves physically by sleeping earlier than usual. We also tried to calm ourselves down by not thinking too much (but then cannot coz very excited haha).

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Then... The day had finally come too~~~~ But apparently the pre-preparation didn’t really work because me and cole never sleep well before the night because we both are really Kia si hahahaha we force ourselves to have breakfast even we both don't have much appetite. 

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Mission need to be accomplish! So here we go to the behind the scene of Aquarium KLCC. So many diving equipments and complicated tanks. My whole body started to shake~~~ 

We were instructed to change to our scuba attire. It was really really tight. Uncle Cole was too fat for the attire and he can't pull the attire up anymore hahaha. Thanks to our instructor, she taught us to make the scuba attire to be wet first so we can easily fit in. Lol

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ShuShu, you so fat don't act cool there la.... LOL

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Need to put on some metal thing on our back and waist so we have more weight to be inside the water.

Ok we are ready! look at my frog smile HAHHAHAHHA

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Selfie with our instructor before entering the aquarium.

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Here we Enter the big big aquarium with a ladder. 

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At first, I really can't adapt the oxygen mask, I can't breathe normally with my mouth only. I went down to the water and I came up again. I thought I was going to die of couldn't breathe normally. Hahah I really Kia si. 

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Then, the 2nd time I adapt it very well already :))) I swim as if I'm a fish. Wuhoooo ~~~ 

We were in a huge cage so we don't get bite by the shark lol looks like I had worried too much. The Aquarium KLCC really took good care of us. They make sure we don't get any injuries in the water. 

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I was so glad to be up close with all the sea creatures. Seeing big fishes and big shark swimming just next to me. The feeling is amazing as I always wanted to be part of the sea creature. Now I feel like I had finally united with my family. Hahaha

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There's this stupid fish kept following on the stingray back. I don't know why... HAHHAHA

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Can you see!! there's a fish beside me!!! I don't know what his/her name. sorry ><

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Selfie with our friends standing outside the aquarium. Not sure we are the fish watching by them or we are the fish watching them lollll

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OMAIGADDD!! SHARK SHARK SHARK!!! Just right infront of me! 

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Ok, we are tired of swimming already... Why fish are not tired wan?!?!?!?!

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After 30 minutes, we finally finish greeting our family members. We went up from the cage and we had non stop exciting stories to tell because we couldn't speak in the water at all!!! We were just doing hand sign and laughing with our mouth close. Or else the water will come in from our mouth! That's suffering because u cnt laugh in the water! We feel like we had a serious lungs ache. Hahahaha 

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Fat uncle non stop stories.

Yeah!! We had survived!!!

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After that, we received this heart warming T shirt from our instructor. What a great souvenir to remember how fun and nervous for this precious experience.

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In this entire process, though I was rather nervous in the beginning when I am not that good in using the oxygen tank, I had learn how to stabilize my own mood and never afraid of trying something new. I tried to calm down by thinking of good thoughts and really follow the instructor’s signal, and everything went fine! I found out that I worried a little too much hehehe. I should have more confidence in myself. Everything is gonna be alright when you trust your own abilities! My game is now changed because of the determination and trust I have in me to overcome my kiasi-ness, and I think I can really realise my diving dream! 
And just like myself, P1 has been constantly challenging themselves to 
improve their plans and  is constantly working to change their game to be a better player in the industry!

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I found out from the P1 website that their #ReadyToP1ay Campaign offers new customers free broadband Internet or mobile Internet for 1 month when you sign up for ForHome®, ForBiz®, ToGo® with 24-month contract. Get started with P1 with zero cash upfront!

I also found out P1 is running various giveaways and activities for the next few months. Follow P1's social media so that you can win awesome prizes!!! 

I also found out P1 is running various giveaways and activities for the next few months.
Follow P1's social media so that you can win awesome prizes!!!

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Now, are you Ready To P1ay!! Tell me how do you challenge yourself too and inspire more people to overcome their fears!

Have a nice day!!


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Never mind you still have hands

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this remind me of a scene in our times movie whereby jia xin stays inside the pool