Sunday, 18 October 2015

I love my Melissa boots

If u seen my facebook/ instagram, you know I had own my first two pairs of  Melissa shoes in my life! I'm loving every part of them!  I don't know why but the scents smell so good, just like jelly! Maybe it's because of they made of patented plastic called Melflex. It helps to improve the flexibility and quality of PVC. (I just googled it LOL) NO WONDER LA IT IS SUPER COMFORTABLE TO WEAR!!! I NO KIDDING! 0.0 Also it is hypoallergenic, odourless and 100% recyclable. Ok, after know it is recyclable I think I will buy this shoes more in future! 

Let me introduce him first. I called him a "him"because he is cool and handsome haha.
His name - Melissa Stellar. It is not just a boot, it's a style icon! his sophisticate matte finish and shoelaces, two big hits for this winter. (faster book air ticket to winter country and wear) no la, I wore it almost everyday now cause it is too comfortable and it makes me taller with the heels wakakakaka...  The high heels and the tractor sole are a perfect match for those who are looking for comfort and sophistication and design. TRY IT!!!

Omaigaddd! The also have full white which it is a must to buy. All white is the trend now! 0.0

No lies! I've been wearing this pair everyday. It's too comfortable and it makes me looks taller. LOL
I think I gonna tall like the sky already. ( spring my legs kaokao haha)

Can U see ???? It's not only a comfortable pair but easy to mix and match too! <3

I'm a happy girl! I finally found my comfortable high heels boots! 
Heels is painful but I finally found the right one!

How about you??


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