Thursday, 28 January 2016

RAKUTEN - Shopping is Entertainment!

niooooo!!! Am I the last one who now only found out about ???? The online shopping website that sell quality stuffs??? Ok... I guess it's never too late to find out because treasure always came last! :) If you are later than me, that's ok, let me make a brief on Rakuten.

Rakuten is an Online Shopping Website launch in Malaysia in 2012. It carries over 210,000 goods from over 900 merchants with a diverse mix of product categories, including fashion apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture! Ok, that's enough for me to shop whole day in the house.

Rakuten’s tagline is “Shopping is Entertainment”. Its idea of service is to provide shopping as a form of entertainment in people’s lives.  It does that in several ways – by ensuring that the shopping site has many merchants providing an exciting range of quality products; through its reward programme, Rakuten Super Point, which allows customers to shop more, for less (1 Rakuten Super Points are worth RM1, which can be spent on products across the website during the next purchase); and by creating enjoyable shopping-related events such as the hallmark Rakuten Super Sale – a big discount festive event.

Recently, they have launched a 5x Rakuten Super Point-back programme, where members can get 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points for their purchases - everything, every day, with no limit on the amount of rebate. 
it can be used like cash to offset your next purchase!!

What's makes people happy is, Free sign up!
Can you see can you see!? Every items have points! WUhoooo!!!

With the extra points, you can now convert them and then use them as if they are credit! =D

Of course, you would need to sign up as a member to enjoy this benefit – which is totally worthwhile! Because other than the 5x Rakuten Super Points, Rakuten will be sending you various coupons every weekend! Awesome right?

What’s even more awesome is that while a lot of other websites only allow you to use 1 discount item (eg: only one coupon or one discount code at a time), Rakuten allows you to combine these discount together!

For example, on every Wednesdays, there will be 5% discount for Mastercard holders. Say I am going to buy this pair of heels:

Rakuten is offering a 10% RaCoupon for this shop – which mean the price will be reduced to RM98.90. If I buy it on a Wednesday with Mastercard, it will be further reduced by 5% - which means that I now only need to pay RM93.90. On top of the RM16 that I have saved – I’ll also earn the Rakuten Super Point! Super awesome!

One of the other thing that I normally look for when I shop online is their shipping method – I would opt for shops that provides tracking, so that I can check on the status of the parcel and be ready to collect them! =D Taking the earlier shop for example, they post their items through Pos Laju – which also come with tracking that I can check where my parcel is!

You know what. you should always shop through women's instinct. I mean follow your heart and buy what you want haha. Whatever you buy here, you get points, at the end of the day, you will get a lot of discount. That's how I shop usually, don't worry about the money you spend, because you gonna save back later! Am I smart? or you should tell me how to shop smarter? haha Leave it at comment below!!!

Rakuten Super Points is totally worth it!
It is their rewards program to show appreciation to us who shopppppp........!!
Find out more details here I bet you don't wanna missed it!

Chinese New Year is around the corner, don't forget to shop wisely!
Don't say I never tell you one of the worthies online shopping website - Rakuten!!

Oh ya, if you were shopping there, don't forget to tell me what's your hacks to save more points!!!
I Kia Su, I wanna learn your fun and authentic shopping experience!! haha

Leave it at the comment below.



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