Friday, 23 March 2012

Thank God is Friday!

Finally, the happiest day of the whole week has come! Thinking of we are gonna have two days of holiday makes my mood gone high up. Thinking to be a little dressy today, thinking of how great to be a girl again! Because, you can choose what you want to be, what you want to wear, what style you like to carry! Today I'm still want to be my own-self, something more simple, comfortable and brings out my personality. I wanna be a cool cool girl!!

Denim shirt with all time favorite - shorts!

Adding on a funky accessories on hand - studded bracelet

 A touch of neat hair comb and side braids.

Big shades and Pink lips bringing out the whole look now! 

So if you feel like going crazy and stupid today, you can also draw a star or heart shape on your ear, as an earring. And moles on your face!  HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA  ok, I am just plainly too bored of my face. Bare with it! 

Lastly, Jump for the FRIDAY!!! Enjoy the weekends people!


Sophiashufei said...

ur earrings, i thought it's a tattoo from the first sight! Btw, kittie u have nice lip shape and pink suits you! :)

♥ keikei ♥ said...

Great inspirations ! it !

C. Belvin said...

loved your glasses nice blog <3