Saturday, 21 April 2012

Another Friday

Jobless now-.- Hanging out anytime I like with my lover. Today we went to KLCC just to watch a movie entitled, "We Not Naughty".. A very touching movie, but I still manage to hold on to my tears. Dressed-up a little, and we had a walk at the park. Today I had my super bulky hair style, the corn hair style. My bf said I looks like some african, LOL Kinda love it, but it is so hard to maintain! Whenever I go, people will tend to look at my hair like a weirdo. Guess they never seen such a long and bulky hair hanging around the mall. 

I set his hair! A little proud! =)))

A touch with my current love - Nina Ricci vintage sling bag.

Ok, he really got a flawless skin. Hate him! 

The bf's look. I got no idea what he trying to act. LOL

Yum yum.... This flower taste good! =)

End my post here. Life without job now is so boring~!

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rimatambunan said...

wow your hair! amazingggg! and simple outfit to watching the movie, like mcdonald said, i'm lovin it ;;)