Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Friday

Still... jobless... its ok, just enjoy my day without job everyday. LOL Have a day out with bf again. Actually, because he wants to watch Avengers. Most of the time I was sleeping.. HAHAHHA Sorry the starting part was just too much of stories. But when the real war start, I didn't even blink my eyes. HAHA So so nice and funny! ok, that's not the whole point, so, dressed myself up and here we came to Pavillion. LOL

Always a happy girl! Jump at everywhere I like.

Outfit of the day: the Topshop bralet top! Love it! 

My favorite high-waisted leather pants from Forever 21
Black and yellow bangle from Janelle

Bf new pairs of love! =)

If you love flower headband, get it here,at Doi³.

 I have no idea what I'm doing. lol

Sorry, I always eat as rude as this,so just bare with me. LOL

 And then the bf said: "eh eh!!! why u finish all my subway!"
I'm so sorry that you have such a big eater gf!
 Lastly, here is my IC picture to show! Laugh or Don't Laugh, you decide. LOL 
Finally I got my courage to show it to public. haha but its ok! I got more ugly pictures than this!
Next time! next time! hohoho!

Thank god I've changed! Urgh!
not to say very pretty! but still appreciated! 
End here. XOXO! 

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