Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A day for House of Eight

It was a day for Eight. =) A newly launched fashion boutique in Publika Mall. It is a combination of a boutique, an online store, and also consist of image consultantion started by Mem and Natrah. Thanks to Eight for the invitation so that I can see through all the amazing pieces. 

Met my crazy babe Ezzati here which is working as a part timer. 

My companion Chow.

It was very unique when you look through each and every pieces from Eight. Some of the accessories are specially made/edited by Natrah and everything looks chic and funky. The most important thing is that you won't crash with people who wears the same accessories in an event because it only sells in one piece. =) Of course, the price is reasonable too! =)

This season is all about neon colors. 
So why don't grab yourself some neon accessories at Eight to brighten up your whole look?

Love this belt! So cool! 

Looking for a right piece for myself.

Lovely details from the pieces:

Loving all the printed outfits over there, it is all so fun yet elegant.
I can see everything there are very versatile and easy to mix and match. You can style it in anyway you want.  

Hey! This perspex Necklace is amazing!!! hearts it too!!! =)

A picture with Natrah! The creators of all the amazing accessories in Eight. Love her!  

Tie dyed pieces are available in store too!

Spot the fashionable kid in the store with leopard prints jacket. So cute! HAHA

Oh yea, the theme of that day was print on print. Spotted some great prints:

Me and the cute Aida Salleh.
Me in my self made flora skirt. hehe Hardly see myself in such girlish outfits, I'm surprised too. HAHAHA

Me with the printed piece I like.

It fits nicely on me! and look how big and cute this fitting room. hehe Unfortunately I didn't get it as I was looking for accessories rather than outfits because I lack of accessories that goes with my everyday wear. =) Maybe you should grab this piece away! =)

The delicious food that served on that day. Halal Siu Mai from Mamak Andersen. So tasty! Yummmmm......

and also some cute and sweet desserts.

The cute Aida licking her thumbs after tasting the delicious food. LOL

The Crowds.

The two cute and lovely companion of mine. hearts them a lot! =)

Ridduan Ismail from TTFGA.

Got this clutch at last. Love it because of the gold frame. =)

And thanks to Eight for the door gift, "lucky charm"! It is so nice and sweet! =)

Lastly a picture with my lovely dumb brother, Tengku Syahmi. LOL 

For more introduction, read this brochure from Eight. haha it's better than my description maybe.

Also follow Eight's facebook here:
Follow instagram for more amazing piece's picture: houseof_eight
To order through mobile or whatsapp: +60102213598

Thanks to Eight, I have a great day! Looking forward for more amazing pieces! =)

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