Friday, 2 November 2012

Sasa Fashion On The Turf Day

Thanks to Charlette, I was invited to Sa Sa Ladies Day @ Selangor Turf Club last sunny Sunday. =)
It was soooooooooooooo hot until I could see everyone's make up melting including myself =( Anyway, it's ok because it was worth going as there are so many exciting sections going on such as makeover, manicure, blablabla... read it yourself on the poster up there. LOL no, I'm explaining it later, continue reading please... 

Look how sunny it is!!! There were not even a single cloud on that day. I'm feeling hot again while looking back at all these pictures.

Coincidentally met my lovely bitches here, the one on the left is Nelson bitch,stylist behind the stage, the red one hottie bitch, my dumb college-mate haha and her best friend Kelly.
My four lovely companion that dressed up nicely just for Sa Sa Ladies Day.
 from left: Christina, Kelly, Charlette, Christy. Totally having a great time with them! 

The white horse that dresses up in pink on the Sa Sa day. So beautiful..........

So this is the Marquee tent that was specially built for Sa Sa day. Everything was in pink!
Chui Ling, host of the day, was on the stage giving her speech. 

It started to be crowded after some time. oh! If you wonder why is Kate Tsui poster there, ya, she was there on that day! Felt so amazing to see her in real life. She was there for Methode Swiss product launch.

Methode Swiss Beauty Care.

A close up picture of the products! Now you can grab it at Sa Sa outlets! You gonna love it!! =)

Met some fashionable people on that day. I forget to say the theme of that day was hatsssssss! 

Everyone dresses up with their beautiful hatsssssssssss. Lol

Showing off my self made hats. All the gold color flowers. =)

The beautiful and stupid Christina pose. Lol

Meet these sexy musculars escort man in pink and bunny ear. HAHA

Bremen Wong, hat designer of the day. He showcased his beautiful work on that day.
These hairbands are all for us to wear if you want to be more beautiful in their photo shooting session.

Some of the lovely pieces.

Including the one I'm wearing! Ain't I beautiful? HAHHAHAHA

I just can't take this amazing piece off from my head and kept on camwhore with this head piece. LOL

Camwhore with Chui Ling, the host.

Cam-whore with the pink bunny escort man, Wei Shin. 0.O

Ok, cam-whore is boring. Vain people like me should go for this free photo shooting session that was provided on Sa Sa ladies day. 

Retouch make up is a must before the photo shoot. So I came to this free make up session that  provided on Sa Sa day too. hahaha 'cheap-skate' people enjoy free things very much! LOL Thanks Sa Sa for giving me such a great day! =)

Tadaaaaaa... thanks Sa Sa make up artist! Thanks for making my face refresh again. =)

Vain people waiting for photos in progress. haha

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Aren't we beautiful? HAHAHAHAA

Don't blame me because I'm lame. When can I be as beautiful as you Kate Tsui???

Bremen Wong and me. What's wrong with my expression? I don't know... Whack me if you can't stand with my stupid face... HAHAHHAHA  Ok My hat was exchanged with Christina's in this picture.

Then, she get to go up on the stage as top 9  best dressed ladies. haha At the end she didn't get the prize. I guess it's because she point at me and says it's my hat. LOL Anyway, still congrats her!! I love you beautiful girl!!!

Winners of the day! they all get to own a full set of Methode Swiss products! How seductive was the prize right? I need to come back next year again!!!

After some chilling session, here comes Bremen Wong's fashion show. 


Good show huh? A big applause for him!!! =) Check out his blog here if you interest in head accessories,

The show stopper has come! Everyon stands by and awaits the beautiful Hong Kong artist, Kate Tsui, to enter the hall.

Thank god I was standing beside the stage so early. So I get to see Kate Tsui closely!!!
She is flawless......... So beautiful that I stunned there for a few minutes. 0.O

I love you beautiful girl!!!

Time to learn some perfect makeup skills after that.

In the same time, Bremen W. 2nd fashion show was shown at the Parade Ring.

The show was amazing at the beautiful outdoor. 

It was so hot but the model still gave their best to give us a good show!
Unfortunately, this show was held at outdoor. Many uncles that came for horse gambling get to watch the show. I was so unhappy when some of the uncle that standing beside me whispered and complained about those models body such as "why she got no boobs?" , "wow, this model have body!". Shame on you uncles....If you get to watch a free fashion show, please be respectful! Do you know how hot are those model walking on a long sunny runway!? Totally pissed me off I don't know why........ I hope Sa Sa would make it private next time.

A group picture after the event.
Picture courtesy by

Last but not least, showing off Sa Sa door gift of the day! All of it were awesome products! 
THANK YOU SASA once again for this amazing ladies day! See you again next year!!!!

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DarKScoRpioN said...

Kate Tsui is so cute! :) She is definately one of the promising actresses in the HK movie & drama industry. Love her acting as always. Hope to see more of her movies in future.