Sunday, 9 December 2012

ISETAN X VIVI "Love Japan Fashion Show"

Yea! Few months ago I joined Vivi Malaysia Star Search, and I was very lucky to get into top 10 finalist. After an audition n a photo shoot session, we finally get a chance to walk down the runway at Isetan x Vivi Love Japan Fashion Show! Don't laugh at me because I rarely join contest like this. HAHA

The Glam Ten in Vivi Malaysia Magazine Dec' issue. Stole this from Vivian's blog. hehe

10 of us without makeup early in the morning for rehearsal feeling embarrassing when taking group picture. HAHHAHAH

Rehearsal for catwalk! hehe

Audrey, Cheesie and me without make up. But they still looks great! o.0

Our runway 

runway 2.

booth set up.

Koji makeup.

Japanese style lovers please come here!

Express manicure for customers. :)

Foruchizu by Audrey and Cheesie.

The two lovely girls. <3

Checking out Foruchizu's clothes. Those clothes are pretty and very suitable for Japan Fashion Lover!
What's more good are those price, it's really reasonable!!! Check it out yourself at Isetan 1st floor KLCC if you like to purchase!! It's worth your time to come over for! :)

Rocks the runway!

I did my free manicure here before the makeup! hehe!
Manicure by CHINA GLAZE! It looks awesomely nice!! I'll show you later! 
I think I only apply nail polish once in 10 years LOL! 

Hairstylist n makeup artist in setting! 

Make up done by KOJI!

Hair setting by Lilac Hair Salon .

Teeheeeeeeeeee :)

Audrey and me after the makeup and hair styling.
Her eyes are so big!!!!! 0.O too cute!!! 

Yushi's cute little bun hair. 

Lumi's amazing braids! Love it!

Models in final preparation.

Briefing before the show.

Group picture of us!!! Hearts them all!!! 
Aren't we all looks great! HEHE! :-)

Cam whore session with the two cuties Lumi and Yushi.

My pretty mummy Vivian and I.

The very cute Audrey and gorgeous Cheesie in preparation.

Love Cheesie's hair so much!! Looking so gorgeous!!! 0.o

My first look to the runway! So student-ish!! HAHA!
Outfits by Moussy. Beanie by Foruchizu. and own shoes Armani.

The show has finally start! So nervoussssssssssssssssss..

Spot me spot me!!! :-)

Stole this picture from Yumi Meiki's facebook. hehe

The crowd. Feel so nervous to pose on the stage because so many photographers are there! 0.o

Creator of Foruchizu , Audrey and Cheesie.

Finale walk.

Posing session for photographers.................

It was my 2nd look, unfortunately my friend couldn't take it when I'm on the runway.
Outfits by Majestic Legon.

The very pretty and cute Yushi and me. Love her! <3

Our group picture.

Group picture with the crews. Thanks to Isetan. Thanks to Vivi Malaysia! Thanks for everything! It was a great pleasure and opportunity to join this event. :-)

Thanks to Mandy who came to support me! Hehe! So happy! She was suppose to come with my friends too, but they are late :(

Thanks to Mandy who bring along this tall and muscular sexy man, Lim Wei Sin.
So that he can be my photographer of the day! Thank you so much Wei sin!!!!!!! Appreciate it! :)

Acting silly again. LOL

Wei Sin and Mandy. the sweet supporter of the day! HAHA not sweet couple k.

Da jie Christina and William who came late, but still thanks for the support! HEHE!

and also thanks to Charlette on the left who came late together with Christina too! HAHA
picture taken in PC fair after the show. LOL

 So this was my manicure that I did in China Glaze in Isetan. First time having such girlish nail. HAHA
Love it or not? It actually so suits with my lips and phone too. LOL

So now please vote for me or share for me if you think i have what it takes to be Vivi Model!!! :-)

First, please like Vivi Malaysia facebook.

Last, please like my photo (Wong Kit Yi) which is my real name. LOL

Thank you so much lovessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Please take your 10 seconds to change my life! :-)
Your support for me is well appreciated!!!!!

xoxo! <3


Lee Jin Ru said...

NICE eh!Your nail shape are pretty, should try on other colors too :)Christmas Nails :D

Reiko said...

Only realize the only one model that I didn't take photo with is YOU!!! SAD :'((((

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