Thursday, 12 December 2013


 Believe it or not? I never ever plan my closet well. Everything in my closet is a mess. If I throw out everything in my closet, I can sleep on them as shown in the picture >.< Everyday I pick my outfit off from the rack and just follow my mood and guts. One thing I am sure is that I never leave my closet dull. I try my best to feed them with various kind of clothes so that I never miss out any style I want to play with.

Last week, I am so happy to receive my parcel from Off The Rack Asia Asia ! I finally have something new to feed my closet again! Off The Rack Asia is one of my favorite online shopping website. They invite quite curative brands to join their family. So you can see more exclusive brands in this website! and also many more local designer brands. Don't worry, all the prices are reasonable!!!

As you can see from my orders, everything are pinkish!!!! Besides red, pink is one of my favorite color too! just like most of the girls! >.<  Well, actually I just can't resist colorful stuffs. It makes me happy! With them I can also have more basic stuffs to mix and match! Let's see what I got for myself!

A pink faux leather shorts!!!!!!!!!! by Silas Liew.
Yes! I prefer more comfortable outfits yet looking stylish in the same time. This pink leather shorts totally brighten up my whole look! "Fashion is simply impressive" that's one of the quote that I always bare in my mind. Even so, there are times that I can't be sure I look good in my outfits. I will take my camera and self snap my look to make sure I don't look fat, short, or weird >.< If thing doesn't goes right, I'll change! That's one of my tricky part when come to dressing up. Kind of wasting time but I rather look best all the time!

also, I am so in love with this geometric skirt with black piping by Sandra Azwan!
The smart cut of the skirt totally give a twist of uniqueness to the clean look. What I can say more? Either with white top or pink jacket, there's no way to look tacky! Just remember, never afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits. 

I'm ready to rock my pink leather shorts! in just any way I want! What are you still waiting for!?

One of my favorite look by Silas Liew. You can get them at Off The Rack Asia too!!! 

Shop now at to make your closet flood like mine! Haha! 
They having Christmas sales too!!! 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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