Monday, 30 December 2013


Happy Birthday to Yaasui! After all the dress up parties, Yaasui had finally turned 1 year old! So happy to see Yaasui had gone this far with more and more supporters. No doubt, still the best fashion party to look forward to! :-) This time, we get to party at a bigger place (how considerate are them T.T) which were held at Fragipani Bar on the 28th of Dec. The theme is Yaarajuku (Harajuku)!! I had so much tough time of thinking what to wear on that day >.< At last I made my decision to simply dress myself  cutely with a pink pony and blue can can dress. hehe actually was so much inspired by my favorite Japan artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu >.< 

Steal this picture from Tony Wong B. All the super awesome Yaasui crews!! Always love their passions in dressing! Never fail to wow us 0.0 There were also many super cool DJs on that night! Ruby Gloom from HK, Super blogger JaneChuck, Ethan Chu from Streething and EdSickness from Lah Lah Land, last but not least DJ Foulworks!

Ok, enough of all the craps. Picturessssssssss time!
First of all, I apologize for my technical problem of my camera on that night! >.<
Fail to set my dslr into the right mode, most of the pictures were quite pixelated and dark T.T
I'm sorrrrrrrryyyyyy..

and most of my pictures, my eyelashes are almost dropping. HAHAHHA
Ignore all the flaws k. Urgh!

Makeup of the night by my favorite makeup artist Cole Tan.

Never fail to make me looking fabulous haha
Forget bout the toilet bowlllllllllllllllllll >.<

Very quick makeup by him that night because we are super late that night! >.<

Macam yes picture with Maggie Mah. Actually it is candid >.<

With the great companion, Keith Ong. the one who drew polka dots on my legs haha because we were really running out of time on that night >.<

Thanks babe. HAHHAHA

With hot mama, Mei Chin

All the madly Yaasui people! <3

Photowall with Rachell, Sharinna and Zoe!

Your pretty Cherriemun again! 

Cute kid, Dennis haha

The super cute Xiao Yun, Povy Teng!

With my stupid schoolmate, Sook Yee. Asked her to dress up but she don't want >.<
Always with the eyebrow-less face only.. HAHAHA

The very exciting crowds! 

with young kids, Wei Ming and Natalie. haha

Wahhh.. Joe Chia still looking so handsome without eyes and nose lo... Lol

drunkass again, Justin and Joe.

Lovely abang Tengku Syahmi! <3

Joyce Ngu! Love how daring she is to do this Ganguro style!!! Tan skin with white eye shadows and lips. Goshhh!!!

Your fabulous turquoise hair, Miriam Alegria!

With stupid love aka supermodel again, Amanda Cheng!!

Nyat, Zoe, Sharinna, rachell.

So happy that I bumped into my old classmate, Nyat Mien. Still as cute as last time. AHHA
Don't you think she looks like Furbie???

Enzo want to act cute with me too. AHHAHAHA
Editorial shoot with Wei Kung. HAHAHHA
Looking as fabulous as usual!!! Beh tahan him. HAHA

Candid shot "mani mani hom"!! AHHAHAH
Too bad.. All so blur...... #cryoutloud T.T

Manyak fabulous, I know I know >.<

Your pretty bloggers, Nana and Jane!

Damn!!! I Freaking love her Yayoi inspired look!!! Always looking for clothes like this!!! 

Shir Chong pull it off so well!! <3 <3 <3

Very cute Peas! :-* from Chalk Boutique!

Time to announce best dressed!! Top 3 for guys!
The guy on the left got it!! Congrats to him!!! :-) Forgot his name T.T forgive me!

Then top 3 for woman best dressed.
Me, Fanny, and Zoe!

I got it!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I never expect this to come! First time in my life getting best dressed. HAHAHA Thank you so much for those who voted me and shout so loud for me!!! I am truly appreciate for everything on that night! Words can't express! Love you alllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how, he is still the best dressed! Brandon Ong!! When I saw him, I stunned.....! and shy >.<
How crazy can you still go Brandon!? 0.0 So happy for you and finally here's your 1st anniversary of all your hardwork! Keep it on! with no regrets!!!!!!! by the way, your butt looks awesome! 0.0


Last but not least, Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!
Last post of 2013. I am truly thankful for everyone who gave me compliments and supports all this while!
You know who you are! I will keep improving myself! :-)


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