Sunday, 13 July 2014

LLL+ Official Launch

Yeap!! It's LLL+ Official Launch last Saturday! Firstly, thanks to Sun Khiew and Edward Choo who created LLL+ as a platform for all local and international indie label! Secondly, thanks for creating this party for us to dress up and berhappy-happy again. lol I am so glad to had been invited by LLL+ to be part of their fashion runway model. Shyyy**** So here's our group picture at behind the scene >.<

As a multi-labels boutique, LLL+ as a platform to promote and also educate locals about the existing international indie label as well as local talents. In another words, most designer are creative but they lack the exposure and marketing skills. LLL+ believe a single person can’t handle such workload by him or herself, by building joint forces we can go further.

From time to time, LLL+ do add on potential new designer or brands to their store. Besides that, the store interior configuration will change quarterly. LLL+ do need some fresh crisps to their store. Hence, there is a reason behind the new LLL+ logo, as it portrays the " Fashion Pharmacy ", where most individual in Malaysia need to be cured, fashionably! The new LLL+ logo uses white for all 3 L typos and “Plus” red sign.

There are many exciting labels that could be found in the store! such as Mash-up, Joe Chia, Yesah, Proudrace, Nikita Karizma, Influence, Justin Chew, Pearly Wong, Shopfloorwhore, Salad Day, Inch Child, Morph8ne, Zlism, Chiyo, Emma Bell, Mandy Wu and many many more coming soon!!!!! You gonna need a lot of time to really look at them 'all! Oh, forget mine too, my newly launch KLFW collection will be showcased in LLL+ too. Pre-order is open for all now! :)

Many many accessories is available too!!

My little corner!

Ok! Back to the launch pictures:
Behind the scene picture while putting makeup by Mina. Hair by Tony & Guy.

Modelssssss of the night. #youwannabeontop?

Beeyin and I. I and Beeyin.

Fierce face, Cherrie!

Final touch up before the show start.

My annoying friends who came to visit. HAHA

Only manage to get this picture from my friend. Our finale pose. Lol

Ethan from Jepun also came that night! haha

Mushroom head Csarelle. Lol

Steph who help for makeup on that night<<<<< >>>>Michelle stupid face model of the night too.
Babe Cole, as usual came to support me too! <3 <3 <3

Laine, Miao, Cherrie and Evangeline.

Poser gang -.-

Too high drinking Heineken. LOL

Let me selfie with my Donald duck after party! Lol

Sun said: "There must be someone who need to make "this" happen."
That's how LLL+ had born!

Don't forget to show your love too to Indie label at LLL+!


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