Sunday, 27 July 2014

H&M HOME Launch at Avenue K

H&M Home is finally here in Malaysia! But first, let me take a selfie. LOL
H&M had finally launch in Avenue K, KL on 24th of July. I'm so excited with my manager, Cole, and here we are to visit H&M Home! With so many fashionable clothes in H&M and now we can even buy fashionable giants to fill in our house! H&M have most of the goods ranging from household staples to decorative things to dress up every room in our house! Designed by the head of design, Evelina Kravaev Soderberg and her team, H&M Home's debut collection on our shores will be its Autumn 2014 collection! Don't worry, price are as reasonable as their clothes too! :) Talk less, and look at the pictures now! and my selfie...........

Am more crazy to see candiesssssssssssssssssssssss.... HAHAHA

Taking selfie with the surrounding. LOL

Yeah!! Macaron!!!

Love eating macaron!!! and love selfie at this pinkish corner!!

While doing selfie, Zakwan came in to do greeting without knowing he had been captured. HAHA

Spotted Superstar, Debbie Goh in my polka dot fringe dress!!! 0.0

Then we do selfie again. HAHAHA

Spotted sexy back of Max Mak, and Cole who talking with Mei Sim haha

Say Hi to Cole and Mei Sim.

Met the simply elegant Sabrina too!

Silas yoooooooooooo................

Supermodel, Shir Chong!!!

Outfit of the night by Magazine Boutique.

Thanks Babe Cole for doing my beautiful makeup again :-))))

Dinner selfie after event lol

So how ya feeling right now?? From bed sheets to plush cushions, from towel to bathmats, cups to plate and more. H&M Home have everything you need at home now. Don't be shy to grab some for your lovely house. :-)

Special thanks to Centro Hair Salon for the super adorable all night standing braids and Cole's super adorable big eyes makeup. haha Cole said the theme for that night is electric shock because my face always looks shocking with the wing eyeliner and the standstill braids. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures! <3

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