Thursday, 16 October 2014

GUESS - Nashville's Most Wanted Denim Event

It have been a pleasure for me to attend GUESS Most Wanted Denim Event at Pavillion and I got a chance to be a part of it with my little collaboration with GUESS! The dress code on that day was Nashville Cowboy & Cowgirl. So what are you expecting? Surely we are all dressed in denim with cowboy hat but I don't have one! >< There were fashion show at the event and many crowds were there to support GUESS! Celebrities, bloggers, socialite were all there to hang out with tons of desserts and drinks!

Early in the season the color palette is dominated by the distinctive tones of oxblood and rhubarb reds intertwined with old west blues and browns including camel, khaki, cognac and brandy. Pops of turquoise, sweet lavender and Cadillac pink offer a selection of feminine tones for her. By mid-season the palette turns to matte black which are contrasted by brilliant whites and pops of metallic in chrome silver and gold. To close out the season, On the Road inspires true blue denim tones, winter whites and softer dusty shades of camel and mushroom with pops of deep blue, bright yellow and aubergine.

For Fall 2014, Guess goes back to its roots, taking inspiration from the authentic American soul of Nashville.

Nashville, otherwise known as Music City, filler with history, soul and the place where dreams are made, provides a strong influence and inspiration for the upcoming Fall 2014 Guess collection. The first theme begins in Nashville, the center of music, where country meets rock n' roll. The Show is filled with bold, sexy and iconic GUESS influences. While On The Road, represents the authenticity and denim heritage of the GUESS brand.

Spot my little collaboration with GUESS along with Malaya Breed and The Extra Piece.
These one and only piece design are all going to bid! The highest bidder will be the winner and proceed foes to the designer's choice of charity body! Come big peepoo! 1month to go!!

Picture with my work.

Closer to my patchwork.

Malaya Breed

The Extra Piece

The Extra Piece.
The show.
With the coolcoolwannabe Uncle Cole. HAHA

Karen, ChanWon and Chenelle. I wore mask here because I went to laser after the event lol

With lovely, Natrah from The Extra Piece and Ezzati Amira!

Natrah, Ezzati, Yana and Ishrak.

With Ivy, writer in Mint Magazine :)

Yea, with my great companion again Mr.Cole.

Thanks to GUESS again for giving me a chance to work on their denim!
Faster come bid for Kittie Yiyi X GUESS denim yo.......!!!


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