Sunday, 2 November 2014

Yaalloween 2

After many many years, I finally found my twins, Mr.Cole! We separated since the day we born in the Castle because the King and queen divorced. Till then...we saw each other at Yaalloween2 party! We were so happy and touching so we had many many selfies that night... HAHHAHAHHAHA OK I THINK TOO MUCH...

Thanks to Yaasui and the team again so that I get to go all out with my dressy obsession. This year Yaalloween held at LLL+ Sungei Wang. It was a successful night indeed with many different characters. There were Adam's family, barbie doll, chinese ghost, geisha, Captain America, etc...Totally appreciate all the hardwork from the organizer and also the supportive crowd. I had lots of fun that night!

Before my sister enter the party, with personal hairstylist at the carpark. HHAHAHA

Two little girls bumped into us but they aren't scare to take a picture with us ><

Pink wig Geisha waiting for someone to pick her up.

Carpark Groupfie.

Here we are at Yaalloween 2!
Aaron, Cole, Keith.

with Steff and owner of LLL+ Sun Khiew.

Do you like my sister? tackle her!

Ain't she too pretty!?!?

Somehow this Geisha looks like my previous pet, rabbit. HAHA So cute!

Princess and the devil, David Liew.

Michelle, you wanna kiss me ???
The man behind Yaasui, Brandon!

With the sexy, Jewel.
Sun and Darren in Captain America costume.

I gave birth to MOMO ><

Sugee Wee, the birthday girl that night!

With Adam's family!

Sister Cole is so tired as a drag. He asked me how girls manage to put on eyelashes and contact lens everyday and legging with heels! Crazy!! Now guy should know how hard is it to be a girl T.T

Thanks to Ah Mei for being our photographer of the night. She gotta have supper after the tiring night. HAHA

Thanks to the team again for making this party happen again!!!

Hamshah and youpa!

They said if you combine your first name of your first pet and place you first live, it will become your drag queen name. haha try it!

for example: Cole first pet name is "youyou" and he came from "Pagoh". So his drag name is Youpa!


Thanks Colalababy for teaching me how to do drag queen makeup. LOL

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