Saturday, 14 February 2015

Feminine February Issue 2015

Love is in the air~ but I'm still at home blogging because my bf said today is full of traffic jammmm.. so ya, kind of true, makes me even more lazy to go out.. Last month I was assign to do styling for Feminine magazine Valentine's fashion spread. I was happy to do it because the theme is about Korean Couple. and also, the two models are too cute for the shoot! For the first time I feel so sweet and lovely on a photo shoot scene! So here are all the outcome! I still can feel the sweetness in my heart now ~~~

Photographer: Wee Choon (Main Shot Studio)
Model: Jayden Yen , Betty Ang
Makeup Artist: Vnix Lau
Stylist: Kittie meow meow
Clothes: Belle's Classic and