Thursday, 26 February 2015

PRP - Platelet-Rich Plasma [ME CLINIC]

Happy Chinese New Year peepoos! I gained 2kg this time cause I ate and slept nonstop and kept repeating hahahha.. Such chilling life. So now I'm back to my work desk and I'm going to talk about my skin condition again ><

I'm always feel so blessed when I visit Me Clinic because they serve and give me the best treatment. I had tried this treatment named PRP(procedure can see in the video below) last week before CNY so my skin stay alive during CNY.

PRP stand for Platelet-rich Plasma. PRP is extracted from patient's blood which then centrifudged and re-injected to the various treatment areas. De-granulation takes place after injection when the growth factors are released from the PRP. During this process, the contents of the platelet-granules are being released by budding from platelet membranes and addition of side chains. Therefore it is important that platelets remain viable and intact during the separation process to remain effective. Overtime, increased collagen production is encouraged by the growth factors which naturally creates volume in the skin and reverse the signs of aging.

Benefits of PRP:
- speed up healing process
- face lifting
- stimulate new cells to more collagen
- anti aging
- reduce scars and dark marks
- skin tone looks even
- no chance of disease transmissions
- safety. Derived from patient's blood
- low downtime
- Non toxic
- Convenient

How long for each treatment?
Treatment will take approximately half an hour to 1 hour.

Is PRP painful?
The PRP is injected with very fine needle to minimize discomfort. However, doctor may increase the treatment pleasure with an application of local anesthetics.

How many PRP treatments are required?
Typically 1 to 5 treatment sessions will be required yearly to remain effective, depending on skin conditions.

How long must I wait to see result of PRP treatment?
PRP takes time to gradually correct depressions in your skin and the time varies on individual skin conditions. Full effects of the treatment is visible after 2 months as production of new collagen improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Overall, I think PRP is a good choice to be compared against other surgery la...because it's harmless yet benefits the skin very much. So I really recommend this treatment if you've been wanting to have a healthy and youthful looking skin.

Video shown the procedures of PRP treatment.
Talked in chinese this time because I still not comfortable with talking english HAHA
Next time k! Muahhhh

if you are interested to do this or any others treatment, don't forget to mention my name when you visit ME CLINIC to get promotion price!! Don't say I never tell you oooooooooo

call them for more details:
+603-2143 3866

fb: Me Clinic
Insta: Meclinictimesquare

OKBYEBYE!! that's it for today! 

gonna go collect angpao somemore.


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