Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Acer Revo One Hello Kitty Edition

Look look! What is it!? A limited Hello Kitty edition of award-winning Acer Revo One!

It was such a beautiful pink morning for me after all my busy schedule. I got the chance to get a peek at the super cute Acer Revo One in limited Hello Kitty Edition! It is an Ultra Mini PC in a Hello Kitty!

With only 600 units available in Malaysia, the cute and small form factor Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition is ideal for digital entertainment and multimedia sharing with its lifelike cinematic experience of high-quality audio and video.

What is best with Acer Revo One??? It is powered by Intel Core i3 Processors with HD resolution, Dynamic 7.1 Surround Sound, Handy system control via Androide phone and upgradeable to 2TB storage! Too much goodness in one!

You can always remote-control your Revo One via the Acer Revo Suite app on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse to control this desktop, write emails, and work.
By far, Acer Revo One has won Red Dot Design Award 2015, Good Design Award 2015, Best Choice 2015 (Gold award and Best Product of the Year), Computex 2015, and Taiwan Excellence 2016.

Acer Malaysia Marketing Manager Stephanie Ho with Head of Products Johnson Seet and Product Manager Jeffrey Lai with the limited Acer Revo One Hello Kitty during the private launch.
With all the lovely pies of the day except for Careen because she is too busy with her photoshoot haha

Totally feeling high to see Kitty Revo One!!!

Aren't we cute??? As cute as Hello Kitty *Shyyyyyyy

Photobombing is the must do thing nowadays hahaha

Vain blogger at work. 

YY and her pimple stealing the spotlight.

Thanks Acer for having all of us from Nuffnang! We had a great morning spending with all the pink lovers! <3

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Mommy Cici said...

omg so cuteee <3

N said...

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with love,

SpendaLusuh said...

leng lui..

sgrmse. said...

so much pink!! i'm dying happy.

IQ = Iez Qis said...

hello kitty looks so cute!!

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