Monday, 30 May 2016

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Heard of it yet!???! The new range of Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine - Drop is now in town! Dolce Gusto means "Sweet taste" in Italian. Its a machine that help you to save time on doing your boring chocolate, cofffee, green tea powder at home.  It is easy to use and made super good drinks! Definitely bring style to your home and office!

To make your own beverage, you need capsule of different tastes. Of course there are surely tastes that you like. There are cappuccino, green tea latte, chococino, mocha, milo, grand intenso and etc

for me.......I'm a huge fans of milo! Thank god they have it! Now I get to make my milo even faster and tastier! Yummmmmmmm

It's freaking easy to use! Just place your capsule into the machine..... Follow the water level as shown on the packaging. 

Adjust your water volume here. and click start! GAO DIM!!!!

Most of the people know I'm a pattern girl. I add on some mint and coco crunch on my MILO!
Trust me it taste super good! HAHAHHA and fat die me.

Dont't be jealous that I make good beverage.
You can too! You only need to own one machine too!

Makes life easier but fancier!

Also, dont forget to stay tuned to @dolcegustomalaysia on instagram for more creative recipes too!!!

For the month of May, there will be a 30% off promotion Genio machines when you purchase 3 boxes of capsule until 8th June 2016! Do check out the machines promotion on the webshop.



Mommy Cici said...

coco crunch with Milo. such a good idea babe <3

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