Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Style it short!

"Wow, girls with long hair is damn pretty." Yes, many guys will make a  fact like this, even girls too, i assume. Including myself too. I personally love long hair because I think I can style it into many different ways. as I spent 5 years time span to grow my really really really long hair till this length. So I choose to enjoy the outcome of my hair first till I feel like chopping it one day!

But... sometimes having such long hair is really annoying! "Really really" annoying! I bet most of the girls with long hair will agree with me, especially, butt length! it's really a bored situation to have your hair straighten and curl ,not once but multiple times. Now I really wish I  have a short hair too. LOL So i have some DIY technique to make it short. hehehe! Fast and easy! maybe 5 minutes? see below: 

First, all you need is to prepare a ribbon. It can be from a waistband from any of your dress or clothes. Reuse it and make it useful ok? If you don't have, just go and cut your house curtain. LOL kidding.

Put it under your hair.

Go around your head. tie it up on top of your forehead
and tie it up...
Slowly, slide it down to your hair behind.
Slide down some more..

Until it comes to about the end (which can really hold your entire hair), tie it up real tight..
Yes, I mean real tight!

Then, fold it in.

 and, make a knot at the top of your forehead again.

go back down and underneath your hair, tie a ribbon tightly.

Tadaaaaaaaa......... I'm done! so easy right? LOL

Side and back view.

Ok, never forget to camwhore after you've done!
Please tell me you like it. HAHAHA

end here. 


HanningC said...

duno if it works also on layered hair
Wanna try v me on Sat? XD

Sophiashufei said...

Great! Totally love this! :D

Hannah Chuo said...

Beyond awesome. This is my first visit to your blog, falling hard and fast in love with it <3 Great tip, great post!

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