Thursday, 17 May 2012

Strawberry Tiger

 Already a week passed after i came back from Singapore to celebrate my birthday. I'm still in a lazy mood. Will blog about my birthday asap after I done editing those pictures ok? It was super fun at those days! =) Still feeling sweet and happy... =))) Thanks to all my babes who celebrated my wonderful birthday with me! ok, back to the post...Look of the day. Just thought of a little dressy the other day, put on all my favorite stuffs on my body such as topshop bralet top, gold color accessories, huge frame, pink lips, black boots, red bags. ok, all in one. I hope it doesn't looks wrong. LOL. With a touch of the fishtail hair braid, so I won't miss the little girlish look. hahhaa.. If you know me, I really don't act like a girl normally. you will find out one day! LOL! well. end of post. xoxo!  Oh ya, I got a new name from my bf, Strawberry tiger, hahhaha, why? because he said i looks like tiger, and my face surface is like strawberry... urghh..ok... that's how the blog title come. -.- 

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♥ keikei ♥ said...

Hey ! U look alike 杨千桦 at the last pic ~ OMG