Sunday, 27 May 2012

DIY: Sexy Hair Wave

Hhhmmmm...get bored with the straight hair again? bored with curling the hair too? 
Ok, let's play with the wavy hairstyle in a slightly mature and sexy way yet still trendy with just a few easy steps.  

Firstly, seperate your hair into 4 parts.

Braid it all!

Act cute a bit while with this cute braids look. LOL

Then, use the straightener to heat your braids about 30 seconds for every parts,.
(ps: make sure your straightener is hot enough.)

Then, apply a little amount of hairspray or hair mousse to the braids.
For me, I use hair oil only as I want it to be more natural.

do it like this.

Lastly, I heat it again with hairdryer as I want it to be more long lasting.

Take off the braids and create a more natural hair waves by combing your hair with fingers only.

Tadddaaaaa....That's the overall look. A little mature yet still looking fashionable. 
Ignore my very lost face ok? Lol
Do it too if you want to own a little sexy and mature look! :-)
Tan make up might give you extra sexy point too! wink. ^.*
Hope you like this. 

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