Saturday, 26 January 2013


Sorry for the late update in blog recently! Was so busy organizing my upcoming online shop. so, a short post this time. It's berry's 23rd birthday this month. As usual, we all girls is celebrating with her.
We had our dinner at the Circus, Pavillion. 

Berry, the sexy and fierce birthday chick! haha

Cherrie the beautiful lady.

camwhore started before Evangeline's arrival.

Cherrie's spring time boost.

Berry's meal. 0.o If you know her, you definitely will be surprised why did she order this because she only eat fried food whenever we have dinner together. LOL 

Jia Ji's plate.

a Hello Kitty polaroid present for the birthday girl.
Look how happy she is! 

a camwhore picture with berry babe.

Evangeline the hipster!

Jia ji. Introducing berry's boyfriend aka our photographer that night!! say  hi!!!!

*shyyyyyyyyyyyy *kisskiss sweet couple. 

Bee's birthday cakesssss. 
one complimentary dessert from the restaurant (for singing song), one from us (only for picture use). hehe

Us. That night was so empty because it is Sunday night.
So we walk here and there just to take pictures. HAHA

The beautiful and conceptual interior. 

Testing out the polaroid. HOHO

crazy camwhore memories of the night. <3

Lastly, camwhore pictures with my camera. Recently addicted to DSLR flash. The faces in the pictures turns out to be so good because you can't even see a single pores. AHAHA Love it! OK, end of the post! Totally enjoy that night with all the beautiful babes. Too bad this time we missed out Angelyne due to her studies at overseas now! It's ok, Date again next time please!! Lastly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTIE SEXY BEAUTIFUL CUTE FOREVER YOUNG BERRY BEE!! Wish you all the best in life! a great year start ahead!!! Muacksssssssssssssss


Oh ya, this is my recent hair color. PINK! I did it myself, so it is a little uneven but it looks like a little like highlight. HAHA totally in love with it! hohoho! but i dye it just for some shoot, it will fades soon! That's all for tonight! I'm seriously getting more and more talkative. LOL BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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