Friday, 5 April 2013

Who doesn't know about Joe Chia in Malaysia? He is the young, handsome and talented fashion designer in town!! With the recent launched collection named "Chapter Two", He never fail to impress us again with all the amazing constructed jackets, simple yet cool shirts, easy-to-wear skirts, etc. Every pieces are so well made!! One thing that always catches my eyes is his amazing ideas concepts, which the outfits itself are unisex, both ladies and gents friendly. Definitely cater for both man and woman who wants to look a bit different than other people with a little bit of attitude. Without much saying, I think everybody is already familiar with his collection. Why not read through some simple personal Q&A from me about Joe so you can get to know him more as a friend. :-)

1. What's your name? Describe yourself in 3 words.

My name is Joe Chia and I think it will be more interesting if you describe me in 3 words.

2, How old are you now? In what age do you want to achieve your goal? And what's your goal?

I am 26 years old and my goal is to achieve a never ending goal.

3. What's your favorite color beside white and black? Why? 

Grey, because they are in the same color hue.

4. What's your biggest fear in fashion?
Financial problem.

5. What pet do you like to have?
Dog and cat.

6. State your favorite food. 
Something fast and tasty like chicken rice?

7. Twiggy or Faye Wong? 

8. Travel or food? 

9. What inspire you to do a collection the most? 

Anything and everything.

10. Where you come from? 


11. Who's your favorite designer? 

There are too many, I respect and appreciate fashion designer work with an art approach point of view.

12. How long do you sleep per day?
4-6 hours.

13. What's your ideal dream house? 

I love nature and quiet place so it could be somewhere in the middle of forest or somewhere near the sea.

14. Say something to your supporter.

Be yourself! 

Thanks to Joe who take his time to answer my simple questionssss :-)

Please visit, support of look for more details here:

Instagram: joechia

SUPPORT!!! :-)

Please also support his current charity work for Kechara in support of "alleviating hunger". :-)


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