Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kree Kree Kree!

Yuhooooooooooooo........Feeling so so guilty that I didn't blog about anything since I came to Paris. Well, a lot of people asking me what I'm doing here, I am having a month holiday here. hehe... Lazing and chilling around in this cold weather. though this is my 2nd visit  here, but it still feels so good and relaxing..i seriously just want to be a non stop traveller. It's so happy! will blog about Paris when I'm back to Malaysia ok? So sorry for the late update.

  So the last fashion event that I had attended before I came to Paris was Kree Fashion Escapade
So the last fashion event that I had attended before I came to Paris was Kree Fashion Escapade
A new fashion label in town for modern women marked its official launch at Renoma Cafe Gallery, Bukit Bintang on the 27th  March 2013. Proudly Malaysian, the fashion label took an extra leap by launching its owned shopping portal, www.kree.my.

Me with Cherrie and Kree's designer Afiq Mohamed.

Underpinned by Values of simple, freedom, and sassy for easy everyday wear pieces for women, young aspiring designer Afiq Mohamed, the creative figure behind the label is determined to make local fashionable clothing line that is affordable and worth a penny spent.


The launch witness models showcasing Kree selected pieces, styled with Imelda Haris accessories strutting the runway. This collection kick starts the beginning of a fashion escapade experiences that Kree aim to offer to its customers.

"The collection is versatile and caters to different personalities and various fashion needs. We are aspiring by people around us and the surrounding and I believe it is never exhaustive kind of inspiration." Said Afiq Mohamed.

Behind the seams, the label is spearheaded by the dynamic duo, Reni diana and Norhalida Sahar who shares common interest in nurturing young talents and new businesses. Synonymous with women natural affection towards fashion, Kree was founded out of enthusiasm of these duos earlier this year. 

Zoe Ng from tongue in chic.

Cherrie, me and Queenie Chong.

Someone's ootd that i love.

Among those attended the event are noted fashion editors, writers, fashionista, socialite, and celebrities. 

Guests were entertained by acoustics performances by young singer Syamee while the cocktail session continues.

Outfit of the day was sponsor by Kree. Thank you so much KREE!!!
Ain't the studded peplum top so feminine yet so cool??? 

In conjuction with the launch, Kree announced 20% off for all items for the month of April!!! Kree will be available exclusively online at www.kree.my !

Kree provides a whole new journey to the local fashion lovers, with the tagline "Fashion Escapade". For more information about Kree please visit Kree at www.kree.my! or call 03 4266 5078

Twitter: @kree_my

Instagram: kree_my


Rima Tambunan said...

cool as always kittie! :)

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you look great in every photo!

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