Monday, 29 April 2013

Beyonce Mrs Carter Paris

Is like omg, is she for real? she looks so perfect!!!!!! Whenever I think about it again, the night was like a fantasy once again. I'm so lucky that I'm in Paris at the right time!!! It even make my trip more worthwhile! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I gave myself a thick eyeliner on that day to be like Beyonce's eyes. LOL
Forgive me first because I gonna upload tons of picturesssss!

Thank god that day was a sunny and hot day! Is it because god know that we are going to queue up for Beyonce???? That woman in front us even took off her clothes 0.0 We were there at 1pm to queue up for the 8pm show so that we can fight for the front standing!

Luckily there are bunch of muscular guys playing beside us. So we get to watch free show. HAHA
It's not hot anymore after all. LOL

Our longggggggggg tickets.

Tour at Bercy, Paris.

Camwhore under the hot sunny weather.

Big Kebab that kills our boredom and hunger.

Part of the queue.
There were different entrances for different tickets. so this is not the only queue. and we were actually quite near to the front! :-)

King B and I.

Under the hot sun. 
Christine Qu.

Me and La la... forgive my bad hair after taking off the cap.

Hello is me agaiN! loving my make up on that day! HOHOHO!

Yeahhhhhh beyonceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forget what we were doing.

WE ARE HERE at Queen B Mrs Carter tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally we enter this empty land first! Wuhooooooo!!!!
We actually run quite fast to our position -.-

See! We are actually just right at the barrier!

And the hall finally filled up in 3 hours time. Imagine we are the first batch who ran into position and waited another 3 hours for the hall to fill up. It's so so so pack!! There are so many people who fainted in the crowd before the show start. so pity. :-(

The B show is going to start!

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS OUT!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!??!??!??!
SHE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!


O-M-G O-M-G O-M-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She singing 1+1 on the piano!!

Preparing to fly over us!


I faint............

Grown woman!

Give me a reason for not loving her! 

I'm so in love with her male dancer too. They are twins! SO CUTEEEE!!!!!!
Ok, sorry for all the blur pictures of Beyonce. I'm so regret that I didn't bring a proper camera!!:-(((

Beyonce, I had smash into yoU!!!!!!!!

Beyonce actually say hello to Brian after seeing this from the stage. I guess so? haha

Bought Beyonce's tour book on that night!

I got nothing to say anymore. Beyonce left me speechless. Everything is like a dream... 
She is gorgeous, sexy, seductive, beauty, flawless, perfect, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally faintttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...............................


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Vanessa said...

Loving the Kenzo outfit on Beyonce!