Wednesday, 26 June 2013

KLFW Day 1

O.M.G! I finally have some time to blog already. It had been a hectic journey since my trip back from Paris. From travelling to sewing to styling to backstage to photography to blogging and you name it all, finally KLFW was the end!!! I'm gonna sleep till Christmas. Feel so bad because now only I starting to blog about the day 1 of KLFW. HAHHAHA
Before the first show starts, ate my lunch with sleepy face.. zzZzZZ

KL.FW 2013 known as Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013. It is an event created by Andrewsmodel. KL.FW is a new horizon for all fashionista and shoppers. The aim of kl.fw is to develop the Malaysian fashion industry, providing emerging young designers and renowned designers a continuous fashion retail platform that gives recognition to Malaysian made fashion and retail items. It brings fashion live into the city of Kuala Lumpur. Kicking off with Ready-To-Wear collection preview showcasing young talented local designers and fashion labels. Fresh from the Malaysian designer workshops to emphasize the high quality Ready-To-Wear collection.

Here are some shows I manage to go on day 1:
(sorry my camera is not in a mood that day, so the pictures are a little blur-ish. >.<)


Silas Liew F/W 2013. This fall, he sent down electric contoured racerback bodycons, progressing into boxier rugby shapes, before giving way to slouchy menswear-inspired seperates - each with a pair of  Nelissa Hilman. What makes Silas's collection a gem, is in the application of clever little twists of curve-enhancing detailing onto basic, straight well-worn shapes. 

Syomir Izwa. His collection is inspired by the east Hamptons,  he breaks away from his signature loud and structured designs with these refreshing and light pastel collection. I love how the way he play with the ruffles.  It looks so elegant and modern, cater for most of the ladies nowadays. I would love to wear them too. :-)

Ok la, give you a break with our camwhore picture la. HAHA Photobomb by Roger at behind. (his whole face is too ugly to show, so i blurred it. HAHAHHAHAH)

A better look from Roger's photo bomb lol
Next show at 3pm:

 Alien Gan.

 The show stopper.

 Big  claps for my cute and funny ex classmate, Ezzati Amira. Proud of you babe!!

Ice cream break. again with the pretty ajuma face, Roger. HAHHAHHA

 The new and talented Pearly Wong in town.

Tengku Syahmi. His collection always edgy and cool. :-) Proud of my Abang Tengku Syahmi too!!! He is a lovely boy!!!
Spotted Tengku Azura in Tengku Syahmi.

both with budget budget outfits but with huge Mulberry bags. HAHA
End my post with our vain ootd. HAHA
Full body by Silas Liew, heels from Zara.

TATA!!!! xoxo!

Continue the 2nd day of klfw tomorrow!! :-*

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