Sunday, 5 January 2014

Santa Blogger 2013 with Wowbooth !

Rawrrrrrrrrrrr.............First post of 2014 but its gonna be a Christmas dinner post with all the leng lui bloggers. How have you been this few brand new days of 2014? Yay, I had dyed my hair BLACK!!!!!!!! I'm back to nature this year. I not going to hurt my scalps anymore, so painful of all the bleaching.>< I looks like a typical passerby  now compare to my blonde hair but i still gonna rock it! No matter what, make it work~~!!! :-) Ok, back to the topic!

Last Christmas eve, I got an invitation from Melissa to join Santa Bloggers 2013 gathering. It is a small gathering where we all get to celebrates Christmas and exchanging presents with all the pretty and awesome bloggers. AND OF COURSE, TAKE PICTURE! Thanks to WOWBOOTH, our main sponsor of this gathering where we all can non stop take pictures like purikura booth and print out unlimited pictures! O.M.G! Can you imagine how crazy are we in the Wowbooth now?!?!??! Girls being girls >.<

Besides awesome Wowbooth, there're also few exciting parts that makes me really happy! Such as we get to eat Macarons~~~~~~~~~ by Twenty One Qi Pastries! Customize our very own beauty box, sponsors by Vanity Trove!! and exchanging presents with all the beautiful bloggers! Everyone loves presents~~~~~! All of this exciting moments had happened at Bubba Gump restaurant at Sunway Pyramid :-) Let's see our happy moment pictures now! hehe..

See me smile brightly  with others  bloggers at Wow Photobooth! haha
So happy to see all the props that prepared by Wowbooth.  We're all so crazy taking pictures with all kind of props, batman mask, king's hat, huge sunglasses, ribbon, even my lace rabbit ear had became one of the props. HAHA Girls being girls. Photo moment is girl's most favorite that will never end! Imagine we kept take turns just to take picture with Wowbooth? from 4pm until 6.30pm HAHAHA NON STOP I SWEAR! Urgh! 

Catwoman with crazy rabbit chicken ChanWon.

Spot me in curly volume blonde hair giving photobomb HAHHAHA

All of us trying to fit in a frame HAHAHAAA Success!!
Thanks WOWPHOTOBOOTH! Without you we won't have so much crazy memories captured!
Muackssssssss :-* Check out more of Wowbooth at !

While others doing their pictures at wowbooth, we do our own camwhore HAHA
With Lumi Chua, Daphne, Jessica, and Melissa!

 candid picture of Lumi looking so arrogant but fabulous hahhaha. The top 3 finalist in Vivi Star Search 2012!! haha <3 aren't she looking japanese? <3 <3 <3

Me playing with batman mask and trying to fly. very fail LOL

Catwoman returns! HAHAHHA

Very cute Chan Won again. She very very talkative if you read her blog. HAHA but she's just plainly friendly and cute. lol

Eat eat time!!! Jessica's fried chicken with fries... So big portion. Me, Lumi and Jessica finish it together. LOL

Forgot to take my spaghetti's picture. So just showing you how I eat it. HAHA

Macaron time!!!  from Twenty First Qi Pastries! Taste so good! I don't really love sweet stuffs but these macarons is just right for my tongue!!! <3 Check out their facebook!!! or email them at ! 

and then selfie time agaiN! With Jessica Chaw. She is so young............... I can go jump sea already.
Cute and pretty, what can you still describe her?? haha oh ya and very sexy mature lady voice.

very cute and hyperactive Povy. haha She kept wearing the king's hat and said herself is a queen. LOL

The newly married gorgeous woman, Careen Tan. My first time meeting her, but she looks so familiar and I don't know when did I see her >.<

With very pretty Chenelle............ Her skin is like...... porcelain! So smooth! Omg I am so jealous!!!
She also talk so soft. So tai tai style HAHAH

Ok! Exchange presents start now!! Look how busy everyone is exchanging presents. HAHA I got my present from ChanWon. Beauty stuffs!!! Love it!!!HAHAHAA Cheapskate people like me don't need to  buy beauty products is gonna be my happiest moment LOL.

So, this is not exceptional! HAHHAHAHA We get to customize our very own beauty box by VANITY TROVE!! I'm in love! We get to select whatever items we need and put them nicely in our beauty box! Teeheeeee! :-)  Look how excited am I and how pretty is my background with lengluis camwhoring behind me HAHHAHAHAHHA..

Getting more and more crazy when ChanWon trying to snatch my favorite item! URGH! Just kidding>.< We are just acting LOLLLLLLLLLLL.

Look what I got! So many kind of little products! So happy because we can try all the sample products before purchasing the big bottle wan. Worth it all! :-) One of my favorite is Loreal oil incell shampoo and conditional! It is a smoothing shampoo for unmanageable hair. Just right for my forever changing color hair! But now already black -.- haha but still it is really nice! You must try it!!!!!!!!!! I rated it 4 stars!!!

Most exciting for all my readers are...... You will get discount with this discount code: SantaB15!!!
Sign up now without regrets! Check out their offical website now!

Steal this picture from Lumi. Looks how happy are us after customize our beauty box. AHAHHA
Group shots with all the pretties.

Let me intro all the pretties again, from top left: Daphne, Lumi, Careen Tan, Chan Won, Povy Teng, Stephanie Lim, Melissa, Me, Jessica and Chenelle. 

Happy moment spending with all of you!!!
Thanks Wowbooth for captured all this pretty pictures for us again! <3

Last but not least, my ootd.
Rabbit lace ear from China, H&M black dress, topshop laces legging, and Armani boots.

I'm done everything for 2013!!!
Thanks Santa Bloggers for giving me this great opportunity to join the gathering!

HAPPY 2014 again! HOHOHO!

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