Friday, 21 February 2014

A day as an Air Stewardess at AirAsia!!

Welcome on board everyone!!! Have you ever think of being a flight attendant ??? Now here's a chance for all of you who dreaming to fly all over the countries! If you are not clear about what do flight attendant do beside serving passengers in flight, here are some tips of what flight attendant do in training as I had experienced a day as an air stewardess in Air Asia Academy! HAHAHAHHA Don't laugh at how I act like an air stewardess in these pictures. It was fun and tiring indeed!!

It was a fun day hanging out and experiencing a day as an air stewardess with all the AABC (Air Asia Blogger Community)! A group picture taken before all the activities. I must excuse my inappropriate denim shorts because it looks really old and I didn't know it is already faded. haha

In the beginning, we visit around the academy. I am totally in love with this corridor view. The sun shine perfectly outside these classes!

We are so lucky to see the airbus for all the soon to be pilot! It is indeed a great view!! Unfortunately we can't go in and visit >.< 

As an flight attendant, our outlook is always important. Here are we in the grooming class with all the handsome and pretty real flight attendant!

While visiting we also walk in this room where all the Thai flight attendants doing their CPR training.
So happy to meet themm!!!

We also learn how to serve people in the airplane. Steal this picture from another blog haha cause I looks too stupid >.<

Happy training in the flight!!!!

Then we went to outdoor activities! We went to the slide drill to learn how do we use the slide when we encounter emergency in the airplane! It was too fun!!!

Me stupidly learning how to open the door drill. and this crazy machine cost over hundred millions if I'm not wrong!!!!

Lastly, we went to the wet drill to learn how to save people from the water!! It is not as easy as you think man........................... This is super fun and tiring!!!

Picture of us after safely being save by the team lol PEACE YOOOOO!!!

Group picture with all the well train teachers!!! They are all awesome with many years experience!!
After this awesome day, I really have an urge to become flight attendant!! But I can't, I had tied up with many jobs. So why don't you try?? It's a great job among so many jobs.

They are now hiring!!!! Let's go to the AirAsia Cabin Crew Recruitment tomorrow which is 22 Feb2014, last day for this season!!! Head up to Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur!!!
Don't miss this great opportunity!!!

For more details, please visit: !!!!

Wish you all luck!!!

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Rima Tambunan said...

seems like its a good experience! xx