Thursday, 20 February 2014

Chenelle's birthday at Grand Shanghai

I neglected my blog too much! T.T Now I need to blog about things that start from January 2014! What's most happening last month in my calender is Chenelle's birthday! It was held at Grand Shanghai food theme park, inside Setiawalk Mall, Puchong! I was so surprise about this beautiful place even I live so near to this mall! It was my first time visiting Grand Shanghai and there were full of surprises to me. The decoration and atmosphere (except we modern people lol) are totally as same as Shanghai! I gotta say I love this place! Come visit here someday, it's totally worth your time walking around, taking pictures and there are so many many food stalls here! You don't believe?  Look how we rock Chenelle's birthday celebration!!

Look at this birthday girl!! How elegant with the awesome background!
This is the actual restaurant where we had dinner ok! Not just a background! >.< Amazing right?!

Nice car match with nice girls. Lol
We are all with Shanghai theme dress code! HOHOHO!
Aren't we looks gorgeous? HHAHHAHA

Actually, we wanted to do beautiful China girl group pictures. but seems like we all are out of control because the environment make us too excited! HAHA

Can't make it in a group picture too.

Ended up, a group picture with ChanWon and Chenelle. HAHAHHA

Me and my beloved primary school friend, Kelvin! Glad to met him there! :-)
Also he is my photographer of the night haha He help me took too much pictures >.<
Ya, those people behind are dancing! We both just join in to take picture! Lol

Such nice place for us to take great Shanghai pictures! In love!! <3 <3 <3

Me and Cherrie acting cool in Cheongsam. Lol

With Cutie, Maxx.

I want to stick to this beautiful placeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

Thanks to the photographer who took this wonderful picture for me! <3 <3 <3
Check him out at : Moment Delight !!

Beautiful Shanghai's mamak for us to pose also haha.

"don't mess with me" pose... LOL

Ok la... Povy very hungry already la! Let her eat first la ok....

Lou Sang time!!!

Food time!! So much dishes are served! All taste so good! I want to eat them again!!

When I see food, I can't stop my mouth! Now I am feeling so so so hungry!!!
Then, it's time for Chenelle to cut the cake! Look at all the paparazzi in front of her. HAHHAHA
As usual, girl's party........

Spot me if you can!!!!!!!!!! -.- Why am I so lame? Mom, you answer me pls...

Introducing the very cute birthday girl, Chenelle Wen!

Camwhore with the very ke ai de Chenelle mei mei. hahaha

Group picture at last!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to our very cute princess Chenelle!!
Stay pretty and cute as always! muackssssssssss!

We got very professional photo booth again at this party! WOWBOOTH!!!
We had so much great selfies capture by wowbooth, feeling wonderful :-)))))))))))))
Thanks to their team again! Super worth photo booth to fit in your party!!!

Look of the night. Dress made by myself  and heels from Louboutin 

Make up and hairstyle of the night by:
ColeTmakeup - makeup artist
CentroHairSalon - hairstyle

I totally enjoy Chenelle's birthday celebration that day!
Great time with great people!!'

For more details, please check out:
Event Photographer: Moment Delight
Photo booth: WowBooth


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