Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Chinese New Year is over soon and Valentine's day is coming so soon!!! Time flies !!! Stresssssss!!!! How you guys have been?? I am still in my busy days working on many different things! Thank God I am still surviving!!! I hope I have more time blogging and update more about fashion week like last time!! T.T give me 48hours per day please!!!!!!!!!

Talk about Valentine's day, I haven even prepare present for my love one. Anyway, forget about him first. He should be understand that I am working quite hard nowadays >.< Maybe a mamak dinner with him is more than enough already.. HAHAHA

This Valentine, me and Mr.Cola made another makeup video dedicated to all of you lovely girls!! Let's go to date with a classy look!!! Well it is still in Chinese speaking. If you have a problem watching it, let me know whether I should speak in English next time! Everything will still be improve, don't be too harsh to us >.< Enjoy watching it and comment what do you think about it! 

Wishes you a very HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!!!

People who without partner, please just say "Valentine only ma! No big deal lo!!!"

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