Monday, 4 August 2014

Me Aesthetic Clinic save me pleaseeee

All this while I am so shy looking at people. Whenever people talk at me I will avoid my eye contact with them because I feel extremely low self esteem with my problematic skin. I want to heal my skin! I tried many many manyyyyyy products and all of them only give me temporary effect. I don't know why, I eat very clean, I don't take alcohol nor cigarettes, I exercise, I sleep well. I think it's my gene. My parents used to have many pimples when they are young. So I think this is one of the main reason.

People always tell me "hey don't make up already la.. your skin will get worst". Ok fine, when I go out without makeup, people tell me " Hey! You looks so different today". So speechless....From time to time, I can't live without makeup. Due to my jobs, I can't even take off my makeup anymore. I need to see client, I need to do photoshoot, I need to looks good in any time. *cryyyyyyyyyyyyy All I can do is just stay optimistic and stay happy to keep my skin well. Lol
Till I bump into my awesome makeup artist again, Cole Tan, he started to bring back my confident in facing people. He gives me the best makeup to cover my flaws. So glad I met him once again after 4 years.

But.......During photo shoot, I still have this problem which is no matter how thick is my makeup, it won't cover my pimples scars nor pores. My non stop growing white and black heads are the most irritating part. My skin never looks smooth with all this tiny little things. I'm having hard time seriously! If you wonder why my skin so smooth in picture, it took many hours to do photoshop.. No joke.

One day, my annoying makeup artist can't stand my skin anymore. He decided to bring me to his recommended clinic (ME CLINIC) to consult. (ps: don't say my skin looks fine here because it is with magic skin effect >.<)

Celeste, the kind consultant who gives me kind advice to my skin. She suggested me to do skin laser named Q-switched laser and customised post laser treatment which accelerate the healing process and achieve the maximal result, customised different settings for different skin problem. Only can be done in Me Clinic.

A lot of you including myself think laser harm our skin and will thinning our skin. But after consulting, I knew that nowadays technologies are really great! The laser is safe and effective in improving signs of mild-to-moderate photo-damage skin irregularities with no downtime and without any adverse side effects. It can be performed as lunchtime Laser treatment on any facial area (around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and chin with minimal discomfort).

Of course, before you do laser, you need to do facial to extract pimples and do pores cleaning.
1st picture is before my facial, 2nd picture is after extract, doing penetration of customized ampoules by cryo-electroporation machine so that my skin won't be so reddish after extract.

steaming, extraction, customized soft peel mask. All are well done!
(you can see how bad is my skin in the picture, now you know....)

What so special about them is that they have medical grade skincare product and medical grade machines. During extraction, they use glove and their skill is really good. I can say I actually have no pain during extraction >< What I worried the most is that I have redness everytime I done my facial. But with their anti-septic, ampoule and mask. I swear I have no redness when I come out from the clinic. hehe

After 1 week, Here am I doing Q-switched laser. feeling so great! :)

The super hygiene treatment room.

Simple few steps of Q-switched treatment. Firstly, Clinic assistant helps to cleanse my face with medical grade cleansing milk. Secondly, they apply numb cream for around 10mins. (you can feel your skin and your meat is separated haha) Then, Q-switched Laser treatment performed by leng zai doctor. After the whole treatment, clinic assistant apply soothing ampoule with cryo-electroporation machine so that my skin can calm down :)

The overall treatment only took about 30mins time. And my skin looking so good right after! So happy! :) Even my friend told me that my skin color looks more even now because the treatment does help your skin grow new cells and minimize your pores.

Because Cole have quite serious pimples scars left from his teenage, so he decided to do laser too. But his treatment is a little more heavier than mine. It has downtime (which means it will looks reddish after laser for about a week) and the effect is more obvious than me.

This is us after laser, mine looks perfectly fine, but cole having a little hard time eating because he said his skin is like burning. ( you can see his face is kind of red ) HAHA  So better not eat spicy food after that.

Happy me started to put very light makeup already. I don't need to keep hide hide already! T.T

This is Cole after 10 days. Skin looks so flawless and I hate him!
Better than mine! I need to keep on doing my Q-switched treatment!

But this man is a perfectionist, he will never satisfy with how good he looks. He thinks his double eyelid is a little too sagging. So ya, here is him again doing double eyelid. haha
(this is him while doing injection local anaesthecia on the eyelid to prevent pain)

No! This is not a scary kind of eyelid surgery! This is a Double Suture and Twist (DST) technique. The durable non-cutting double eyelid procedure for Asians. It is a procedure but not a surgery!

There are two method to do double eyelid, one is cutting and one is non-cutting. As you know cutting is no more U-turn for your eyelid. but non-cutting can! Non-cutting only need stitches on your eyes. DST is invented by Japanese plastic surgeon, Dr Akihiro Minami. It is durable and you can change it/adjust it if you don't like your double eyelid anymore. This procedure will not leave any scars on your eyes. I'm serious! You can tell from Cole's eyes!

So pretty of himmmmmmm... HAHHAHA This guy is crazy, He got no redness after the procedure I don't know why. He also said this is not painful at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><
(3rd picture can still see the stitch line, but it will gone after 1 or 2 weeks.)

If you want speedy recover, put more cooler pack. Nurses are very caring too, they prepared medicine with your name on too. So you won't get any infection after DST.

Right after the procedure, Cole got praises from a malay guy at burger stall. haha
He told Cole "Cantiknya mata you" I'm jealous of his prettiness too..............

You can officially call him leng zai now. LOL

Yeah!! We are happy kids! :)

We are both leng leng now. So happy that I actually walk into ME Clinic. Thank you so much! :-)

During facial, with mention my name, Kittie Yiyi, you will entitled for Buy 1 Free 1 on Medical Face Spa.

During Skin laser, with mention my name, Kittie Yiyi, you will entitled for RM200 cash voucher rebate on the spot.

For more information:

LG-18, Lower Ground Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1 , Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: +603-2143 3866 / whatapps: +6018-22228122
Instagram: @meclinictimesquare


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