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8 things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Am always grateful for all the great opportunity that happened in my life! Last 2 weeks, I had a wonderful trip to Bohol with Airasia team. The trip was overwhelming! We are all well care by the local and we had gain lots of beautiful memories.

I just got to say I love Bohol. I don't mind going there again. If you love nature, Bohol is a must go place! It's all about calm and relaxing at the island. Bohol is the tenth largest island in Philippines. It is one of the bigger islands in "the Visayas", the group of islands in the center of the Philippines. Bohol is, together with 72 small islands around the main island , an island province of 4117 square kilometer. Agriculture, together with the tourism, are the two dominating economic sectors of the main island Bohol.

So I think the calm people know what I do in Bohol:

1. Of course, the nice beaches! (ANDA BEACH)
Endless sunshine, Crystal clear tropical water, white sands beach, are all you need when you on a chilly vacation. In this trip, I had been to Anda white beach. It is at the east of Bohol. Anda is a beautiful town in the Philippines where you can really experience the Philippine way of living. They wave at every tourist because they are just so happy to see you! I am really impressed with how friendly they are to everyone. too lovely!

Besides the beach, we also took 20 minutes boat to Lamanoc island. The Lamanoc island is full of mystery! Getting through the tourist trail around the island involves plenty of climbing steep stairs and walking on slippery limestone. The local guide will tell you about the stories found in the island's caves since pre-colonial times. It has been a holy spot, where local priests and medicine men made their offerings to nature spirits, who where believe to reside here, and where called upon to provide a bountiful harvest or good catch.

Some of the caves here served as a burial place, so when you are in there, you can find the remains of several wooden boat coffins and also bonesssssssss..

Lamanoc is also a beautiful nature spot for you to inhale and exhale, the air is just too fresh inside! Various types of plants and animals, including some indigenous monkeys can be seen in the cave too!

While me and Taufulou sailing back to the beach.

Beautiful sunlight at the village beside Lamanoc Island.

2. Visit the beautiful Baclayon church!
One of the oldest church in Philippines! Everything is remain nicely in the church.
Philippines proudly boasts to be the only Christian nation in Asia. More than 86 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 6 percent belong to various nationalized Christian cults, and another 2 percent belong to well over 100 Protestant denominations.

They are rebuilding the church due to the damages after the earthquake.

The way to 2nd floor of the church. Unfortunately we can't take picture! They have so much treasure hiding in it! You must go and see!

Such an inspiring place, I love it so much!!

3. Loboc River Cruise
This is awesome! Loboc River Cruise Lunch Buffet is a Must-Do in Bohol! It is very relaxing to eat all you can on the cruise along the river for an hour. The river is surrounded by coconut trees and greens. I am so happy to hear the voice of the nature. There were also people singing jazz on the cruise while you eat. My heart totally feel relieved on the cruise and I could just calm my mind and eat with the nature!

A total relax!

Selfie with Jerome and our flowers. haha

Saw this while relaxing on the boat. A house was damaged after the earthquake.
Can't imagine If I'm inside the house T.T It must be scary to experience the strong earthquake!

The boat turn around at some small waterfalls where it can not go any further.

Native people dancing on the floating restaurant. It is name Kuradang. Traditional folk dance of the Visayan People usually danced during special occasions, parties, and reunion. Heart felt so warm when I see them because they dance for us to welcome us. aaaaawwwwwww....

4. Watch the Chocolate Hills and explore in Chocolate Hill Adventure Park!

Chocolate Hills is made of chocolate. That's what I thought of it when I heard of the name haha. It is called chocolate hills because during dry season, the hills turn brown and it looks just like Ferrero Rocher. LOL The Chocolate hills are famous attraction of Bohol. it consists 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 sq mi.
At the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP), you will see the wild lide, birds, and flowers as a brook murmurs on the side. Along the way, a serpentarium houses various species of reptile and mammals where as interaction Area for young learners and guests. 

My friends are so mad at me when I uploaded this huge caterpillar in facebook. HAHAHA

See! they are so beautiful even before they turn into butterfly!

 For thrill seekers, marvel at the sight of the hills spread as far as your eyes can see from a different angle up above a Zip line. Challenge yourself wih the Burma Rope, Canopy Walk, Hiking Trail, Camp site, Bike Ride, and more adrenaline-pumping activities inside the park set over century old Molave and Mahogany trees. Definitely an experiences beyond the usual.

This cycling zip is too awesome!!!!!!!!!! My heart bumping so fast when I started to cycling on it. I thought I was going to die when i accidentally shake my bicycle.

This cycling zip is too awesome!!!!!!!!!! My heart bumping so fast when I started to cycling on it. I thought I was going to die when i accidentally shake my bicycle.
This is a must try in BOHOL! Don't miss it! It only cost about RM30.

5. Abatan River Life tour!
I also think that this is a must place to visit! It is only minutes away from the city of Tagbilaran lies a community rich with the culture and tradition of the Abatan River fisherfolk and farmers. Your journey starts at the Abatan River Visitor Centre at Cortes which showcases the five villages involved in the tour. On board a traditional bandong, your guide will delight you with traditional stories and folklore of the place.

Beautiful river. I seriously love that moment where I can really calm my mind.
Can I go again plssssssss

Each Village offers a different experience from basket weaving, boat paddling tasty local cuisines, family adventure activities and cultural performance of river life expressed through song and dance. Whether you've got one hour to spare or a whole day, a choice of tours offers you the flexibility to create your own cultural experience along this beautiful river environment.

The superb welcoming Local. Bohol seriously makes me feel heart warming at every destination. I love you all!
Dancing performance that show us how they live. Especially how they catch the crab.
This little boy is just too cute with his smile! :)

Their cute little motorbike.
Children jumping from the coconut tree. The river is their swimming pool .

People live there with such a simple life. Farming for living with no complaints.
At here, I've learned that everyone have different living method, no matter how it is, live life to the fullness. Happiness is the most important.

6. Watch the Tarsier!
Picture from google. So cute right! HAHHAHAHA It's the smallest monkey in the world. But it actually not a monkey haha. Tarsier is very peculiar small animal. In fact it is one of the smallest known primates, no larger than a adult men's hand. Mostly active at night, it lives on a diet of insects.

This is the one I saw in real! SO CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! SLEEP LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS

Hey Cutie? Do you wanna build a snowman????

A trip wont be complete without nice food right?!?!? This place is highly recommended in all the internet review. All the food are organic and they have their very nice ice cream name malunggay! try it when you go ok?? The ambiance was super vintage and rural. It is just beside the beach. Very windy and relaxing restaurant too!!

Don't worry  about your weight when you go to travel, just eat whatever they have!

8. South Palms Resort Panglao!
Beautiful and gorgeous resort that just launched last year!! I suggest you to stay  here because the room is just opposite the beach. You can watch sunrise or sunset or even sleep on the beach at night. It totally makes you feel like a home at the resort! It can be your best beach holiday! 

Very nice environment! The whole concept is about simplicity. Letting go all your problems, and relax here. You will feel energized again.
Our room. Less is more. I had a great night sleeping in the room!

Chilling with Ashman on the net swing early in the morning when we done catching sunrise. So FUN!!

The two young girls behind the beautiful resort. IMPRESSIVE!!
They are only 23 and 26!
Feeling upset before I leaving BOHOL T.T
Why is holiday always pass so fast?? gggggggrrrrrrrrrr

One thing I am very impressed at Bohol which is everywhere is very clean!! Especially the toilet!
The toilet is not wet and is not smelly at all. some of it even have air conditioning!! I think now I understand why they call their toilet "Comfort room" ! Impressive!

Some people said that the cleanliness of a toilet reflects the civilization of a country.
This is so true. You guys should consider this place :)

I had taken a video of Bohol to show you guys! Hope you guys like it and won't faint. HAHA

If you need a good tour guide, I am strongly recommend you  Angel's Wings Tours & Travel.

Contact tour guide: Erico Joseph T. Canete from Bohol, Philippines.
Tel: 09173031965
Email : ejtcmen2008@yahoo.com

Good news to all the people who wanted to fly to Bohol now!

 AirAsia connectivity to Manila from Kuala Lumpur and Manila to Tagbilaran , Bohol
o   AirAsia Zest operates 2x daily flights to Manila from Kuala Lumpur

o   AirAsia Zest operates 3x daily flights to Tagbilaran from Manila

Remember to have fun in BOHOL!



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