Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November thoughts

It've been a busy month for me. Can't believe November is passing soon! I have been working on my own brand, styling job, blogging, meeting clients. blablabla.. SO TIRING!! That is why I need more sunlight for me to breath deeper. Lollll Nah just kidding. This group of photography was director by the photographer :)

Recently I have so much pleasure to be spotted by a photographer from Philippines. I don't know where he found me but he actually contacted me before I go to Bohol for vacation. What a coincidence. I went to Philippines and he was backpacking to Kuala Lumpur. So ya, that's how this fireworks started. He said he love how I look and how I dress myself. Photography is part of his hobby. That's why he don't want to waste his trip by just traveling around KL instead taking human portrait to fill in his portfolio too. Thanks Oscar for your beautiful artwork! LOVESSSSSS

Photographer: Oscar Sta Cruz
Makeup: Cole T (please be my makeup artist forever!)

Gotta go meeting! BYE!

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