Sunday, 3 May 2015

OOTD - Fashion Valet

Sorry for neglecting my blog so much. I'm finally back from my work trip in China. It was really tiring >< Ok back to topic, last month I receive some vouchers from! Yea, Happy girl as usual! HAHA I'm shy to tell that, it was actually my first time shopping online! eeerrrr......I never shop online because I don't trust e-purchase. I mean I'm worried about the quality, the late delivery, the money scam. blablabla...I'm a worrisome >< But I don't think there will be a problem of clothes quality because Fashion Valet offer all designer clothing ;)

Ok thanks to Fashion Valet, I finally had my first time browsing online store. HAHA! It was indeed a good experience. Fashion Valet have so many choices which really makes me feel dilemma on what to buy!! urgh.. I hate dilemma. So after one hour of clicking here and there.... I finally choose some casual outfits for myself (I'm really lacking of casual wear).  

Ok, I have to admit it was really fun looking here and there, but it was really time consuming to browse through here and there and I can't touch here and there which I really need to touch here and there when I'm actually in a retail store. Ok, there's too many here and there. hahaha maybe I dilemma for too long >< Ok, so Fashion Valet was really efficient! I received my parcel in just 3days! HAPPY!

I have no patient in waiting so I'm really glad they work so fast!!

So here are what I bought and I could wear them to have a walk with my boyfie at the park! 

It was a perfect day to chill ! 

Got this cutie pie rainbow phone cover by Fevrier Designs.

Flap bag in brown by Sakura Malaysia

Dress by ShopatVelvet , Shoes by Cipela!

I'm done sharing my first experience in shopping online! How bout you???
Thanks Fashion Valet again! I'm happy with everything! :)))


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C. Belvin said...

love your bag <3